Something New & A Reader Survey!

dinning room shelfSomething New

Last night my husband hung a beautiful 3 foot shelf for me in the dinning room. I have my pretty  white serving dishes on it (that I hardly ever use because around here the thing to do is buffet style serving and if I were to attempt to use my table in the dinning room for family style serving instead, it is a 6 ft narrow folding table which makes things tight for placing eatery and food) and I absolutely love how the shelf looks and can’t stop ‘oohing & aahhing’ over it post its existence. My pretty white dishes have been reclaimed with purpose for admiration.

I feel like our dinning room is slowly arriving. I’m not sure where that destination is exactly to which it will arrive but I feel in my soul we are defiantly closer ‘there’ then we were the day before. If you have been following me here, you might recall that not quite a year ago I got rid of ‘all things country’ by way of interior decor and since then have been floundering around as to what style my house is much less, me. ps: getting rid of the country look has made my husband profusely grateful.

Back to the dinning room, all we need in there is a real table and nice window treatment, oh, and a better lighting situation…

The table I foresee coming into tangibility sooner than the light fixture or window treatment – as in before baby’s due date maybe even. The lighting situation might require more maintenance then I, myself could ever understand and plan for.

As for the window… he scares me. He may never arrive and wind up keeping it’s dirty, tan, original-with-the-house blind that has a limp and stays bawled up at the top of the frame. When it comes to windows and curtains, I am at a loss and just kinda mentally freeze and we end up with simple blinds that get the job done.


That’s how I feel about blogging. It’s a slow process to arriving. There are many factors leading into it. Not enough time. Timid about my writing. Too much of a perfectionist. Convinced nobody cares. You get the picture.

I’m not quite sure where the blog is headed or what its future looks like – kinda like the dinning room. Sometimes I might think I ‘arrived’ when I publish a post that has a lot of traffic and comments. But then my blog quickly settles back down to its humble little life 7-15 views a day and almost dissolves into the milky way gone from sight.

I think of my readers and why they read and what brings them back and makes them click over here. Do they enjoy hearing me spin stories of our mishaps and adventures and our life in Texas? Do they connect with my imperfections and little victories along the hot, dusty trail? Do they want recipes or DIY ideas or fashion inspiration? Maybe they know me personally and like to see what I’ve been up to.

Yes, dear reader, I’m curious about you. Who you are. Where you’re from. I’m curious what you like and what you like to learn about and where you desire growth, what you connect with here and what similarities we may have.

That is why I’m conducting my first. ever. reader survey. A real, live survey that will give me real, live results. A survey that will allow me to pick your brain and met you, so to speak. I hope this will help with some of my ‘arriving’ and direction as I find my voice more in-depthly and am able to delight my readers, you, better.

Please take time to complete this survey.
It is completely private and your answers are safe with me! It won’t take more than 10 min of your day, I promise! I am excited to hear from you!

Take Survey HERE

One thought on “Something New & A Reader Survey!

  1. Isn’t it incredible how the little things can change our perspective so much?! I’ve always been amazed at how small changes in my perception of things can alter my outlook at the moment’ and even looking into the future sometimes.

    You should have me down. I hope to hear more from you and hopefully I can offer some value to this little community of your readers. 🙂


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