Reader Survey Results + 5 Things For You

bday date glow

I loved reading your replies from the survey! Thank you ALL so much for taking time to complete it. (Just between you and me I was surprised to get as many responses as I did!) I know surveys can kinda be ‘not everybody’s favorite thing’ so it was very sweet of you to complete.

I found out most of my readers are like me, a stay at home mom, though some of you do work on top of that.

Almost all of you have found my blog or heard of it through me personally and have been following thenwedanced since the beginning or at least for 2-3+ years. My fans are loyal. My husband said I have good PR and know my readers (most, not all). Which does sound like me and my love for connection.

My favorite part was hearing what you guys like to read and want to read more of. I shouldn’t have been surprised that y’all like hearing about what our little family is up too since most of you know me personally.

I was pleasantly surprised more people liked to read my personal stories as it scored even higher than family adventures. I feel the most vulnerable and scared writing about my personal journey and yet it is the part of me that slips free from my fingers before I know it.

As Brene Brown says in her book, Daring Greatly, “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” So my little heart trys to pretend it’s daring greatly and ok with vulnerability.

Once again thank to all who participated in taking the Reader Survey. It put a new spring in my step to keep writing!


jumping bean

:: Five of my favorite things ::

THIS SUMMER we have been loving this GRILLED PIZZA (if you don’t have ricotta use sour cream. aMAZing!)

I HAVE BEEN faithfully sipping THIS BREW every day since in came in the mail for my birthday.

I NODDED MY HEAD the entire way through this BLOG POST

I CAN NOT get THIS SONG out of my head…

VERY ENCOURAGING mother-ish read HERE on trusting God to be God for our children


 May the rest of your week be full of celebrated little moments. 



2 thoughts on “Reader Survey Results + 5 Things For You

  1. So the first link I clicked on was the one for the “brew”! What does that say about me?–haha! I will definitely have to try that Veranda blend–and then I have to get me a veranda! 🙂 Thanks for all the tips!


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