What Would Jesus Say To You Today?


RECENTLY I sat around a table with a group of ladies I’ve come to love at our monthly IF:Table. (I don’t think I’ve talked much about that here… hopefully I will change that in the future…) After tasty peach pie and ice cream we got to answering the question, ‘If Jesus was right here at the table with us what might he say to you?’

It has been a question that has bounced around in my mind days since. You can apply it anything you’d like in your life. Particularly though we focused on areas of weakness and struggle.

What would Jesus say to you today if He was here beside you?

In my mind much of my mental dialog is filled with ‘You’re not good enough’ or ‘Aren’t you embarrassed you can’t to it better?’ or, ‘You’re so weird, nobody gets you.’

Maybe your message is different. Maybe it’s –

– You need to try harder
– You will never get it right
– Nobody cares anyway, so why even try or care?
You don’t have what it takes

After I sat down the next day and journaled what it was that I believe Jesus would say to me that would met my core deep down, I had a realization. What I believe Jesus would say versus what I live and act upon are two different things.

sunbeam and sky


“Come. Come and rest.” 

That’s what I heard. But do I come and rest? The answer is not often.

Instantly I thought about my word for this year. ‘Rest’  Of all the things I heard God whispering in my ear to rest. I shouldn’t have been surprised. He’s been softly humming a restful invitation to rest since the beginning of 2015.

Rest from what you might be wondering. Maybe your life is going smoothly and just finely as a matter of fact. Maybe instead of rest you need motivation or energy or direction to move. Then maybe this message won’t resonate with you.

But if you’re hearing this soft melody as I, you might already know that rest means to lay it all down. Lay down the mask that hides you, the work that protects you, the laughter that covers you, the energy you try to muster up, or chatter that distracts from offering life within you.

Yeah, all that.

crape mertle 2015


I don’t always know what that ‘resting’ looks like for myself.
Maybe it’s taking an actual rest on the couch, maybe it’s closing my mouth when somebody is talking, or simply asking Jesus to guide me, give me words and patience as I relate to my people this day and every day this week.

It’s a soft song. Calling softy. Inviting to come, set it all aside and rest in Him.

Shall we come close to Jesus this week? Do you see a desire to rest in him over and over again? Let’s learn to hear our soul’s nudging to rest and to see our need for rest. Let’s practice laying down all that hides, protects covers and distracts us.

May you find rest in the rush this week friends.


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