August is Ending + 4 THINGS

water boy II

IT’S NO SECRET I follow Emily Freeman’s blog and just bought her newest book, Simply Tuesday.

I love, love, love her message about taking the time to be a notic-er of life because it’s the little things in each day, our ordinary days that make up our lives.

She has this fancy-schmancy notebook and system to how she jots down all that she notices but it isn’t me. He system doesn’t work for me. It’s important we all do what works best for each of us individuals. So I reclaimed an old agenda planner from my husband’s place of work and on each month calendar grid am trying to remember to write down things that I noticed or observed or learned that month.

Rest assured to me my list isn’t as awestricken or even comical as Emily’s either but it’s my little life and I refuse to get caught in the world of comparison and feel insignificant next to her. My life is different and beautiful all on its own which I am noticing and learning to claim. It’s my life. Ordinary and boring as it is.

August is almost over and here’s some of the things I scribbled down for this month. Remember this is almost like a sacred journal in a way. I mean if I kept these date books (meaning I’d be in the habit of doing this for years – haha, we’ll see) it’d be fun to go back and read though them and remember life back in 2015 in Aug. 🙂

Several things on my list this month are
1) Two friends texted on the same day about flying to come visit us! Woo-hoo!
2) Gavin moved into his BIG bed and I bought new sheets – fun fun!
3) Waiting on my amazon order (love, love getting things in the mail)
4) Our humming birds are back at our feeder. At least two, maybe three!

There you have it folks. A simple little list. These are the days that make up our lives and I want to be fully present in them instead of always living in the future.


  1. HAVING A BABY anytime soonish? Here are names NOT to consider from Rant Chic. One of my favorite things about being pregnant is name searching!!!

2. 4 TIPS FOR HAVING A MINIMALIST WARDROBE from Money Saving Mom – Ok, so I know most of you read my rants a couple of months ago about Dressing Your Nature. I like that idea but wasn’t completely sold on it, which I know you knew. The Capsule wardrobe always attracted me but I know I could never pull it off; it’s too dull. Here is another option that I do genuinely agree with. Check it out! Oh, the power of minimalism!

3. IF YOU DIG FASHION TRENDS you will enjoy this gallery at Good House Keeping! Trends from the 60’s that are back. Oh my! There was one and only one that majorly shocked me! Can you guess which one it was? 😛

4. HAVING TROUBLES getting your itty-bittys to sleep at night? This NUMBER 1 BEST SELLER might be of interest to you! This book is guaranteed to put that child to sleep! I’m skeptical and Jason and I laughed when we saw it in the news but this is very curious . . . . . I’d love to hear a review from somebody who tries it!

Have a great rest of the week y’all!!

2 thoughts on “August is Ending + 4 THINGS

  1. I’m gonna guess the “no shave armpits” is what shocked you. Loved your links. And that book? I’m skeptical of the guarantee, but I wouldn’t be surprised there’s some truth to it. And probably what impacts the sleeping the most, is the routine of reading the same story every night.


    1. Yes! You guessed it! Though I might have slightly hairy pits some days I am pretty self-conscious of it and dress appropriately!
      Routine is a golden ingredient to sleep time; completely agree!


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