Then Fall Unpacks Its Bags


It’s all a sign. A foretelling of change and newness coming. We are invested in our lives of today but before long the todays we’ve been familiar navigating will suddenly reconstruct. For my mothers of school aged kids, change has most likely already happened.

September begins, marking entry into fall. As fall snuggles in, summer dissolves. In order for something to begin, something must end.



I’m swelling up to the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy. As fall sweeps in and unpacks it bags so I move into closets and totes under beds and unpack newborn things. How in the world are newborns THIS tiny??

We packed away Gavin’s crib a short time ago. This gives Gavin no choice to but to sleep in his big bed. So far so good. A few nights in the beginning after he was tucked in he would make surprise dashes into the family room only to be wrestled and deposited back to his nice big bed – we always make his big bed sound so appealing. 🙂


This morning my 2-year-old toddled out of bed, found me and crawled into my lap.  We snuggle and talk about whatever humorous things are on his mind. Like how he wants a prune or how daddy sits in that chair (pointing beside us) or his thirst for sweet tea first thing. I dab at his eye buggies and he squirms away.

This unique season is nearing its end forever and ever. The sweet easy season of a mother and two-year-old son. Me and only one.


Gavin is my car buddy, my shopping companion, my work-out partner and my entertainer.

He’s my mess maker, my prayer for wisdom and patience inducer, my reluctant table setter and the next home-run whacker (or whatever occupation involves hitting the day-lights out of something).

Seasons change; keep moving, flowing, redesigning and shaping us for what lies around the next bend ahead. We look forward expectantly, dreamily; the sun is still waking and stretching it’s glow when we arise these mornings. Still, we tiptoe around the lingering quiet and sweaty afternoons hesitantly, fearful their stifling breezes will blow away for good. And all our effort can’t push back the earlier then yesterday’s falling dusk. Another day slips by nudging us closer. Closer.

morning has broken II

Change is coming. As we lap the final 10 weeks my shoulders squeeze and tense at the fresh chill of bitter-sweetness.
Oh, baby come soon but do take your time. . . .


How do you handle change? 

How did you adjust to the addition of baby number two?

Have you ever looked forward to something so much but wanted it to take its time because of its huge permanent shift? Like a move, starting college or a career, even that first baby?

Let’s talk about it in the comments!




6 thoughts on “Then Fall Unpacks Its Bags

  1. I usually embrace change. I love a new adventure. But I’d have to say, when baby number two came right along with baby number one, we went crazy some days. Still do. But I think learning to roll with the chaos is what adjusting is all about. Adjusting is a process. I think I’ll be adjusting to this parenting thing till the day I die. I’m getting the chance every day to learn to celebrate the good gifts and walk boldly through the hard moments.

    I love how you anticipate with exitement, but see the value of what is right now. It won’t all be smooth sailing, but you’ve done rough waters before. I think you’ll be amazing at mommy to two.


    1. I love adventure, yes! It’s just knowing it’s not going to be a rested, energized adventure that awaits makes me a bit more realistic and mature do I say? about this baby entering our family. I’m expecting to go crazy some days maybe even some complete weeks 😜
      I love how agreeable you are with life and noticing that maybe parenting is one adjustment after the other! Wise words for me!


  2. I wish I was there for this little ones arrrival. Can’t believe your adorable little family is getting bigger soon. Is it bad of I’m hoping for a girl. We need more nieces. 😁 love reading your blog as it gives me a different view than what I get from Mom and Faye.


    1. Tish! I love hearing from you, girl! I wish you could be here for me too when baby two comes home! And no, it’s not bad you’re hoping for a girl – you’re right in line with the rest of us!!


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