For the Love of + 4 Things



THE COOLER WEATHER this morning was absolutely gorgeous. It was cool but not cold. This reminds me of a mid-summer morning in Pennsylvania before it warms to a muggy 85 degrees. This September morning though holds a hint of fall sneaking across Central Texas; quite contrary to my homeland.

I washed our new Egyptian cotton sheets and proudly hung them on the wash line. Running my hands over the fabric made me feel like a millionaire; thanks to left-over wedding gift cards. I never owned something so ritzy before and had a hard time deciding if I still felt fancy when I slipped under the covers that night. I did know that the bally sheets were not missed. Not by a long shot.

To you newly-weds, don’t feel compelled to spend every single gift card pronto. Five years later you might know what you really need with that high dollar card…


My whinny two-year-old suddenly wanted a cookie so we shared the last two brownies outside on the back patio with our rude begger of a dog. It’s no lie I was craving something sweet too. Fear of having to lose 30 lbs after this pregnancy always plague me after a sweet sneak like that. Words from a lady in town, “Watch your carbs in the last trimester” exhausts laps in my brain lately like that children song ‘little finger, little finger, where are you?’ a catchy, turned ahNOYing tune that I can not for the life of me get out of my head.

I may or may not have knocked off a few nice sized crumbs for the hound-nosed begger.

The other day I went shopping and every store was flaunting all things Fall. For the love of fall. Oh, how I adore you. Let me count thy ways :: 1.Pumpkin foods, 2.pumpkin spice lattes, 3.scarves, 4.jackets and (this list is in no way exhaustive)

Now if I could only find more gift cards lying around . . . . . . .


LASTLY. I KNOW. I’VE BEEN SPAZZING about how it’s going to go with two children this November, one being a new-born. My control-freak-ness is being coerced into losing that battle in the end. He knows his defeat is nearing and the bigger my belly gets, the more uncomfortable I get and the closer to D-Day I get, I’m thinking bring it on – crazies and all! Let’s have this baby and just do it!





  1. WONDER WHAT YOUR HANDWRITING SAY ABOUT YOU? Wonder no more! This video from BuzzFeed is fun to watch for a quick assessment – ha! 🙂

2.  SO I MAY HAVE BEEN FREAKING a bit with worry pondering how life with two kiddos will go. Then I read this short poetic blog post and was reminded that maybe I am forgetting the sunset – the good things change with a baby will bring.

3.  SCREEN-TIME STRUGGLE with our kids is real for most of us moms. Here’s a good perspective from the blog Lasso the Moon on limiting not restricting. Point number 3 bit me a little bit too hard…

4.  THIS WEEK I MADE MAPLE GRANOLA! Y’all it is yummy-licious!! This link is the closest I could find to my Mennonite Cookbook recipe.   note: I used coconut oil instead of veg oil and if you want my recipe leave me a comment! I’m convinced it’s better then this one!


4 thoughts on “For the Love of + 4 Things

  1. I love that jacket you linked to and I think you should get it for a postpartum gift for yourself. 😉 You are a darling pregnant mama and you will rock the mama-of-two thing!


  2. It’s definitely fall like, this week. Not even getting into the 70’s some days. I’m dragging my feet a bit about fall. The jacket is beautiful.

    You guys are amazing, hanging onto a giftcard for 5 years!


    1. The fallish weather comes in the mornings and evenings and then vanishes in the middle of the day but I’m loving it! I can understand your pain about winter looming on the horizon though…
      And that gift card came in handy. It just goes to show that money never expires!


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