What Your Soul Really Wants


Rising early was paying off and it was a productive, hustle kinda morning that Monday. You might say I was very house-wifey and purpose-driven as I checked things off from my to-do list for the week that forenoon. I was very satisfied.

“I love getting up early,” I told myself. This is a new truth I’ll tell you about later.

Assuming my 6 month pregnant body would be exhausted by noon I was surprised after Gavin was down for his nap to find myself planning to watch some TED Talks I’d been eyeing. Sleep wasn’t foreclosing in yet it seemed.

Naturally, I lay down only to check my e-mail, check my Amazon order and open my online library app… You know, doing everything else but what I wanted to do or should be doing. Then suddenly,


My phone set on vibrate lit up.

          >U napping

My friend texted me. What’s she doing today, I wondered? I texted back:

          >>Trying to 😉 what are you up to?

          >Sorry. Never mind was just going to swing in…


Now I had a choice to make.

Do you know where I’m going with this? The struggle is real. I could, a) take care of myself and respect my napping boundaries (because I knew I was going to be tired if not now, later), or
b) tell her to stop by. What the heck, it’s not every day I get to see her. I’ll just squeeze in sleeping later.

One loud voice inside me really wanted to not be bothered. I was settled on the couch with my laptop and had my plans – watch TED Talks, sleep. When do I ever do this? Like, never! She was not included in my schedule.

The other voice was saying, yes! It reminded me of another friend I admire who always drops everything she’s doing when I just randomly stop in on her (and I don’t even text her in advance) which I love about her. I always wished I was more like that – more go-with-the-flow-y. Here was my opportunity to be the kind of person I wanted to be.


The chance.

I informed myself that I wasn’t tired and I wanted to see her. I grabbed my phone before I could chicken out on myself.

          >Oh you can stop by! I’d love to see you

          >>Ok see ya in 3

The nice thing about text messages is that you can write anything and the recipient doesn’t know  the mood you’re in.



For me, the hardest part about interruptions is that they interrupt my day.


If I wasn’t so wrapped up tight perfecting my little world, I tell myself…

Now I’m not saying you need to sacrifice your time and schedule and naps every time. Maybe some of you actually need more practice at closing the front door. But aren’t there those times in between where you really could make it work with some careful evaluation?

If I ask myself what I really want. The answer is always relationships. I want friendships and a life invested in people. That’s who I want to be. How about when the opportunity presents itself, instead of recanting because it’s not in the schedule – stop and think it through.

For me, what mattered most was that I took time to process my decision. That was huge. The other option (and what I have a tendency to do) is blow right through the moment, ignore the text message or tell my friend I’m sleeping because I have a schedule to keep. This does not take time to listen to what my heart has room for and honor what it really wants.

What I’m getting at, in case it’s a bit muddled, sorry folks, is take time to think about how you handle interruptions, if you’re the perfectionist type like me in the area of your time and schedule, then prayerfully consider accepting an interruption every now and then. Yes, this was hard for me… but what if?


Maybe this seems too simple for you or too melodramatic even. Honoring my soul and listening to what it really wanted in the moment made me fully alive that afternoon. I could receive a friend that moment. And I’m all the more richer for it.


Jesus is all about relationships. (Prob 8:17, John 3:16, Jere 31:3) He is all about the people he created and spending time with them. We were created for each other; for connection. It’s no wonder my soul cries out for it.

Next time you’re faced with an interruption, take time to process it. Think it through. Take time to think about what your soul really wants and needs in the moment and what it wants as the end result.


And then listen to it.


> How do you handle interruptions?
>Have you ever sacrificed your schedule for someone?
Let’s chat about it in the comments!







8 thoughts on “What Your Soul Really Wants

  1. This is such a good word + challenge for me, Jolynn! I’m not a good go-with-the-flow person either, and interruptions feels just like interruptions, hehe. But what you said is so true: life is about relationships and to give up our “schedule” for the sake of building them is the more important thing.
    I’m totally challenged + inspired. Thank you!


    1. Glad to hear from you! I’m excited I’m not alone in this schedule+perfectionistic world! *sigh* Sometimes we do need to close the door on friends but sometimes, yes sometimes, we can afford and even thrive on the blimp in our day. Best to you as you navigate inconveniences today and this week!


  2. I need to remember this. If someone shows up without warning, I tend to panic thinking” but my house isnt clean, but I don’t have my hair combed” stuff like that..even though my friends remind me that it doesn’t matter . I wish our lives would be a little slower pased though.. it seems everytime I want to stop in at a friends place, they are to busy. Somedays I just wish we could just STOP and talk or take the children to the park or go browsing in a store and not need to rush home because of stuff we think needs done now! I hope I remember to take time for the important things in life!


    1. I’m excited for you that people ‘show up’! That must say something about you and how people feel you are a safe person to drop in on even though you might be thinking otherwise 🙂 Maybe we can learn from our busy fiends and when others stop in on us to sit down, stop what we are doing and take the time to listen and chat with them… Hummmm…
      And I’m thinking people are always the ‘important things in life’ whether I remember to act on it or not.


  3. I am not a person that loves interruptions, and I think sometimes God laughs when He sends them my way 🙂 I definitely could be more open to them! Thanks for challenging me in this way 🙂


  4. I too, have struggled with the ‘inconvenience” of interruptions. And I have even found myself complaining about how things just didn’t work out like I wanted or thought someone could have been more considerate of ‘my’ time, but hey I know this is a HUGE part of being a mother/wife. Being willing to sacrifice your own will to follow what your soul feels always yields the greatest reward. Also, you never know just how much that other person really needs your attention and you could selfishly hurt them without knowing. Thank you for the challenge to think before I act!!


    1. Good thoughts! It’s my tendency to complain too when things don’t go my way and then in the end I realize there’s no life in that. And I want life, real life. Maybe we can try to remember to be ok with interruptions and somehow be open to Gods plan instead of ours. Who knows what blessings are awaiting us?! Thanks for your thoughts.


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