4 of My Favorite Things 

pool chairs

We made it! It’s the weekend, y’all!! I don’t know about you, but this Labor Day week has been caRAYzy! Today is Saturday and I’m ready to park it for a while.

That proves it – life in a small town can get busy (in case you were wondering). There was a time when I too thought I’d never see the day.

RIGHT NOW I’m sitting outside on our back patio enjoying a lush 70 degrees with coffee while a teeny humming bird makes brave flights back and forth to our feeder, two of the neighborhood dogs are jouncing around in our yard with our dog, a rooster and his black hen from up the street are galiently pecking along our properity line and there are a couple mad cows bellowing furiously in the distance. And, boy do they sound distraught. We live in town people, but from our back yard you’d never know it.

This is my early morning ‘me-time’ before the toddler toddles into my day. I love my mornings now since I’ve convinced myself to get up early and miss them when Gavs decides to come join me earlier then normal.  Quiet, me-time is the most refreshing way to start my day. Why haven’t I bought into it sooner?


  1. THIS BOOK about an orphan girl was a ‘get-nothing-else-done’ kinda read. A MUST read! A fascinating story on the life of a girl who exhausted the system and did what she knew; work with flowers and their meanings.
  2. I keep seeing THESE bags and am seriously coveting them. Not sure how practical it will be with baby gear. . . . .
  3. What impresses you and why? A GOOD READ  from a blog I love to follow, Becoming Minimalist. Quote: “Let’s stop trying to impress others with the things that we own. And start trying to inspire them by the lives that we live.”
  4. THIS POST, by Ramshakle Glam has helped ease some of those worries of a soon to be mom of two.

3 thoughts on “4 of My Favorite Things 

  1. Thank you for your book recommendation!! Any more? 🙂 I started reading it on Saturday and could not put it down! I finished the book Sunday night. I thought it was very well written and the characters were a little heartbreaking!


    1. Awesome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I just discovered Vanessa Diffenbaugh as an author and thought, too it was very well written! And for another book I couldn’t put down either, check out Rainbow Rowe’s book Eleanor and Park. It’s kinda a similar theme…


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