Small Moment Living

IN MY RECENT DISCOVERY and journey of my own smallness, I realized it’s not just my personal impact that is small but also my very own town of dwelling is small as well. Population 749, or so the sign out by the highway says.

In a town not very big I fear some days I’m turning redneck. Like when I don’t bother to de-frump myself before leaving the house for milk or eggs with a barefoot child in tow. Because down here anything goes and I fit right in next to the girl in her pajamas and slippers at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

It’s an easy trap to ooze into. Makes me miss the pace of bigger town living, of fashion, preppy people and God bless, a Target. There’s country and then there’s REAL  d e e p  country. In Pennsylvania back home, country is in no way like these miles and miles of flat fields that disappear over the horizon.


It’s easy to fall prey to the feeling of insignificance out here with the farmers and cattle and stray dogs. In a neighborhood where people don’t care how their yard or flowers (wait, what flowers?) or front porch looks. In communities this small one might feel lost, overlooked and forgotten. Words like depressed, board and lonely come to mind as well.

Here where the park habitually has broken swings, the local police always have somebody pulled over, downtown is an antique mall and stuffed old, could-be-charming buildings horde someone’s junk I wonder where the life is.

Here where the Mayor is as old as my grandma and the things to look forward to are the Catholic Church cook off or the Christmas parade and chicken spaghetti supper I wonder is this as good as it gets.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the small town scene full of predictable people with their same-ol’, same-ol’ “You doin’ all-ight today, mam?” (I never know how to answer that question). I also don’t think I’ll ever get used to the 30 mile drive to Waco, my self deemed city overflowing of milk and honey – overflowing with blessed LIFE, y’all.

Yet, here I am. The Lord sent me here. I am embracing my life among the Grass and Prairie Lands of Central Texas. Being planted here for five years now slowly my first impression eyesores are healing and as I begin to dig roots and make true, hopefully lasting friendships with the locals, I feel at home, alive even, a part of something and most importantly I’m overlooking some of the mess and am seeing its rare beauty.

So, I invite you along on my journey of Small Town Living – Where Life Does Emerge Down Dusty Roads



  • “You’re my favorite Gavin.”
    “You’re my favorite mama,” he said.
    I knew it was a bribery attempt for me to stay longer at his bedside but tonight I lingered and floated on love and neck hugs.
  • Sweet in-laws that invite you places, like consignment fairs and also practically beg to babysit!
  • Taking lunch to husband down the street. It is a highlight to the toddlers day. At times it can be a bit much to stop mid-morning and plan a little meal but it really is a blessing to be close. The other week I think we were at Jason’s shop almost every day. Yee-haw! We get out much 😜
  • My little group of local ladies that gather monthly for our IF:Table supper and discussion. I love it and them so much. August we canceled because of end of summer crazies but this month we are back on schedule. I hope to tell you more about this sometime.

How about you?
Is your life so fast you wish it would slow down? Or too slow you wish it would speed up?
Do you struggle to find significance in your day to day routine?
Has there been a time when noticing the small things helped change your feelings for meaning?


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