The Best Way to Look Forward – Part I

Oct 2 we celebrated our 5th anniversary. I wrote this post after we got back from our kid-less vaca away in downtown Austin. It’s only getting posted now after our family underwent a death which I posted about last week. That post got 300+ views the day I posted it. That’s more than normal for my little blog. Thank you all for caring and supporting the Friesens during our great loss. 

Settle in for a little humor reading under the claim that wedding prep can be ridiculously crazy as you may already know and listen for the secret in part II where truth is discovered on how to look forward to the next 5 years. 

my destresser

REWIND FIVE YEARS and you would have found us nervously + frustratingly forging our way through setting up wedding decorations and stressfully walking through rehearsal steps. Some things don’t have to be stressful. And then some things just. are.

In the planning we decided, err… ok, I’ll put on my big girl panties and take the blame for this one, I DECIDED that each guest needs to have their name printed out on pretty paper and tied to a red apple at each place setting. This was both personally inviting, and said ‘you belong here’ to our guests, so me, and they also served as cheap fall wedding party favors.

So, the day before the wedding a group of us were having fun sitting around cutting out all the names and tossing them on a huge pile in the middle of the table. A grand time was being had by all chewing the flab and laughing while some of us were getting to know each other for the first time. I was totally enjoying getting acquainted with some of Jason’s very sweet extended family for the first time.

wedding prep

(With the ribbons that tied the name tags to each apple.
Jason’s mother and brother are seen here – now both in heaven)

The only problem with this picture was that the names that were so thoughtfully sorted on the sheets of pretty paper by me and the coordinator before hand were now being cut and carelessly tossed into a messy heap in the center of the table losing any order or rhyme or relation to which they had once agonizingly processed. This happened around noon on Friday I’d say and that night during the rehearsal friends were still trying to sort the seating order out for us and get each individual guest at tables where their own family was or at least at a table were they sorta, shoulda belonged.

Being a ENFP, an idealist with no enthusiasm for details, I was boggled down by the intricacies of this entire crazy situation and wished with all my might that this problem would just go away or miraculously fix itself and that nobody would drive home absolutely frustrated from Jolynn’s wedding rehearsal. As a big time people pleaser, I hated seeing my friends slave away over the dilemma while I waltzed up and down the aisle with my dad several times, felt my heart pounding in my chest looking into Jason’s eyes and practiced fake sand pouring with Jason in front of the best bridal party ever.

I vividly remember running outside the church with my matron of honor while friends and family stuffed themselves with pizza afterwards in the church basement. The details and their nonfunctional selves had maxed me out for one day. Try one year.

Low and behold, our wedding went off without a glitch — well almost. An usher may have seated some important people in the wrong spot. A decoration or two or three might have never gotten finished and reared their completely ugly heads for all to gasp at and think the bride clearly has no taste or style. And my grandma might have grabbed the mic from my brother in the middle of his speech and said funny things about me not eating my salad and therefore Jason should not plant me a garden. All of which made tears run down my face and my belly hurt.

But we got married!
And it was a downright g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s day! The weather was perfect and crisp.

wedding the kiss

It’s been five fast years of doing life together. That’s longer then I knew my husband before we got engaged. Don’t know if that means anything. Perhaps it means that I know him better now then I did back then.

Oh, yes.
Most definitely.

anniversary PSL Austin

Last weekend we spent time away together as an anniversary trip and sorta as another baby-moon. The plan was two-fold. We get away for the weekend and Gavers gets practice at staying at somebody’s house for the night. Lord knows that might be necessary when baby #2 pops. Gavs did great and I’m so thankful he loves his cousins and playing at their house. It’s a blessing truly.

During our get-a-way, the questions came up, “Wonder what the next five years will be like?”

It’s a hard question to process.

Come back later when I post Part II, and the secret to looking forward. I can’t wait to share it with you!


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