Mystery Baby’s Update + 5 Things

It was unexpected news. Now all I want to do is sit around, eat chocolate, watch The Fixer Upper on Netflix and be one big lazy grump. (Have you watched that show yet?)

See, last time I gave birth I was 9 days early. So, naturally I assumed I would be early again and have this baby at 38 weeks. I guess 38 weeks isn’t up yet so I could have this baby yet but hearing that I’m still only as far progressed as I was last week (which is like nothing. One. Dilated one. That’s like nothing. No where! Not even news!) I’ve lost hope.

Hello days of waiting on baby to make a move.
Hello days of waiting and wondering and analyzing every move and pang and contraction.

My dad told me once that each child is completely different and I believed him. He didn’t tell me that each birth story is completely different either. Gavin came quick and early. Suddenly.

This child I think is going to take its good ol’ time.

Every fiber in my being wants to plan and pack my days full now so I’m not sitting around with a huge storm cloud in my head. Let’s go shopping. Let’s go to the park. Clean my house. Watch movies on Netflix. (Maybe go to Magnolia Market at the Solos grand opening this weekend? Or not since it’s sold out – gahh!) I just wanna pass time quickly! STAY BUSY!! Otherwise, I know I’ll drive myself cRaZy!!!

So, today I made myself a pumpkin spice latte and allowed the warm milk to sooth my soul. Then I went for a walk. A couple of hours later I munched on some chocolate and shared a granola bar with Gavin. Now I’m thinking about lunch.




Before I leave you, as promised, let me share with you some of my favorite things. 🙂


1. Your personality type and dessert! Do you agree? 🙂 I am an ENFP (but close tie to ENFJ) Chocolate chip cookies and carrot cake sounded alright until I saw the cheesecake and glazed donuts and strongly disagreed! (Ok — today I just wanna eat it ALL)

2. A MUST READ by one of my favorites. Brene Brown reveals her ‘number one life hack’ for lasting relationships. “When you say ‘the story I’m making up,’ Brown says that it conveys ‘I want you to see me and understand me and hear me, and knowing what you really mean is more important to me than being right or self-protecting.’ ”

3. YOUR Myers-Briggs and FALL. Check out what your personality type loves about fall, y’all!

4. I recently bought me some Kombucha Tea at a store I hardly ever go into for the first time and let me tell you, I’m been craving it ever since. It’s really not bad and I like the way it soothed my stomach. I linked Wal-mart because everybody has a Wal-mart but I haven’t tried any of those brands.

5. I finished THIS book, Shanghai Girls that was recommended to me from a blog reader. It took an unexpected turn for me and I had a hard time staying engaged in the middle but after I got over my ‘thing’ I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind reading the next one sometime.

~ ~

I know it’s only Thursday, but have a happy weekend y’all!


2 thoughts on “Mystery Baby’s Update + 5 Things

  1. I hope baby makes his/her move soon. I went late and got started with 2 of mine and the 3rd decided to be on time 🙂 I love reading what you write. Wish I could see you again!


    1. I hear being induced is painful and hope it doesn’t come to that! Being disappointed suddenly though suddenly opens up my mind to all kinds of ‘what if’ endless possibilities.
      Would be nice to see you again too! I’m sure time has changed us both! 😳😊


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