What I Learned In October


And this is a problem.


morning with Gav

A WEEK has passed since my rant here and on Facebook about still being pregnant at 38 weeks. Yes, a week since I begged people to feel sorry for me. Which to my utter astonishment, a couple did and we received several plates of baked goodies (one anonymously) and even a rotisserie chicken meal! I was clearly surprised my sarcastic wailing was taken seriously on top of feeling embarrassed for acting so juvenile to begin with because 30 year-olds never act juvenile.

Since then I have been informed that my condition is normal. Since then I’ve heard story upon story of woman’s second labor experience happening later than expected when their first one was early like mine. Therefore all that’s left to do is console myself that I walk this valley not alone. Y’all out there hear me and feel me. I feel loved.

My dr appointment this week was another discouraging one where I have not progressed one itsy-bitsy iota again. She might as well told me I’m digressing and said, “Sorry honey. Didn’t you get the e-mail? We are counting back down from 40 to 0 now. So get comfy. You’re only half way there.”

Today I resorted to list making to pass the days since I clearly forget what I did normally before all this melodrama.

This little stinker is showing me full attitude wherein I am not the boss of it. Never once did I consider mystery baby might have plans of its own. Child two is either very stubborn or extremely laid-back. I’m not sure which. Either way I know he or she will be more comfortable in my arms then in my womb.

We simply have to get on the same page about this fact.


what i learned in oct

Now that I got that off my chest. On to what October taught me because I know you don’t want to hear me ramble on and on so about my poor-pregnant-me stories.

I think November is even prettier than October in Texas. I am loving these 70 degree days and 50-60 degree nights. My warmer-than-normal, curvaceous body couldn’t be more pleased to go for walks and open the windows in November. In a more perfect world – the sun would be scattering its happiness vitamins everywhere, everyday. . . . .  but we need the rain, so rain today is good too.


> > > Here are some things I learned in October… however serious or silly.


1.  “IN HIS HEART a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9. Never more severely have I been stung by a Bible verse. When I knew I was having an October baby, the Lord clearly determined otherwise.

2. NOT WRITING = not writing. Clever, huh? I haven’t even been journaling (and I love journaling) all this drama with child #2 which is sad. I don’t have a reason besides baby-brain I guess. Do you think I’ll remember all these raw feelings?

3. I HATE TIME CHANGE. Why? Because it messes with my child and my routine. Change is hard with kids. Anyone agree?

4. SIMPLE Skincare – an organic face moisturizer especially designed for sensitive skin, made my face burn, of all things. I’m currently scouting around for cheaper options than Mary Kay which I’ve used since I was like 12. I’m checking this one off my list. Do you have any favorites to suggest?

5. THE FIXER UPPER is on Netflix! But I haven’t taken time to watch it. Sadness! You might assume in my whale-like-state-of-being I’d be on a Fixer Upper marathon or something… yeah, right.

6. I LOVE SHOPPING ONLINE until I go to checkout and see the shipping. Gag! Then I hate it.
Child #1 – Nested by cleaning and making food.
Child #2 – Nesting by spending money.
The end.


~ ~ ~

And that is the end, dear readers! I hope your November is off to a great cool and flannel and PSL start! Maybe next time I’ll be on the other side of this 9 month saga!



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