What I learned in November

This shall be my rendition of what I learned in November. Taken from emilypfreeman.com, she says, “Welcome to What We Learned, a regular practice we engage in together as we learn the value of looking back before moving forward.” So every month I endeavor to practice the art of noticing and writing it down. 


. Because life seems to be whizzing by at bullet speed.


⚫️   Not ALL labor pains feel the same. For more details read my birth story HERE.

⚫️   I like routine. When my newborn of 4 weeks breaks it for the worse you wouldn’t want to meet me on a dark alley. But when broken for the better, like sleeping in 5 hr intervals last night (meaning I only got up once to nurse instead of thrice) my face couldn’t smile bigger or brighter than a star on top of a Christmas tree.

⚫️   The sound of a gassy baby is not peaceful. It is rather a strained in discomfort, grunting moan of sorts. The baby is stiff as a plank and a wretched painful expression takes over her doll face. It makes me feel gassy just watching her. Never before has the sound of a burp or serious blowout been such sweet music too my ears. Think :: Hallelujah chorus.

⚫️   I really, really like my Gavinator and miss him when he’s gone. As in I cry big ridiculous tears and pray he’ll still call me mom and like me when he comes back. Crazy, I know. Hormonal even. Yes. I admit. But, I had to admit the break with him gone is glorious. I have the best in-laws and friends. I re-learned this last month.

moms pumpkin roll

Mom made these ‘can’t stop with one’  Pumpkin Roll with Maple Cream Cheese = Ahhhh-Maaaaaaaa-Zing! You won’t regret making them this Christmas! I promise you.


⚫️   I love my mom. We may not always see eye-to-eye but we can see heart to heart. And my mom has a caring heart that knows the struggle is real with life after baby AND a two-year old in the house. An eager to help mother who spends the day flying solo, fills her bags full of gifts, makes 7 freezer meals, does my laundry, cooks and cleans, tells me to GO SLEEP, entertains and is entertained by Gavin, offers peace when I feel anxious, encourages my mothering skills and loves on her grand-babies is fine by me in my book. She is thee best. Hands down. If you don’t have a mother when you have a baby make sure to find one to fill the job before hand to accommodate such pampering and domestic needs.



Time really flies the second time around. I can’t believe it’s been a month since I had Cali. Where did the long-awaited month of November go??? I used to look forward to November with a vengeance to meet our mystery baby. Now Christmas is around the corner and time is not hinting at halting anytime soon.

Since two babies = running low on energy + rest, Christmas sadly has not yet come to our little brick house on Hackberry Ave. Christmas can still come without a tree or tinsel, right? – – I am forcing myself to believe this….

I am not wound up about getting decor out this year for the simple reason that I have no energy for it. Though it does make me sad because I love to smother my house with festive glitter and lights. I am tired just thinking about dragging that big box out of the garage, especially with an eager-beaver two-year old touching everything, playing with Mary and baby Jesus and dragging beads and tinsel and balls hither and yon, making me look and feel, and even worse, SOUND like the grinch.

Nope. Not happening.

If I get a wreath on the front door this year, I would feel like gold.


morning smoos


And that’s all for now!

Up next I hope to share with y’all some family pictures. I just love that our little family has grown from three to four!

Have a restful week with LOW expectations and plenty of face-to-real-face time.


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