Family Pics



In my advent reading I’ve been most struck by the truth that Jesus came for me.
He was already reaching for me in the manger. He is reaching for me still, today, continually.

Will I reach back?

He is reaching for me in my Texas sized hot mess. In my not so silent nights. In the winter furry of anxiety within my soul.

His pure innocence, like a babe, after his first breath, true and sincere has been inviting us, pursuing us, reaching for us through our busy days. His innocent hand reaching for me. Continually reaching.

Friends, my wish for you is that you may you reach for Jesus as he reaches,
always reaches
for you.


The Friesens, 2015
Gavin Riley 2.5 yrs
Cali Anne 6 weeks










WATCH FOR NEW PHOTOS  to update the blog!
We are still so excited about our little southern bell, Cali, which I’ll add to the sidebar.

Cali is a true gem, a good baby and the perfect fit to our little family.
We are blessed this Christmas season in so many ways!


*photo credit to karena friesen. find out more about her at and on instagram at happyshortcake




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