where january finds me


Family ii 2015

 In case you were wondering, yes, it is taking some time to update the pictures on my blog. I hope you stick around though to one day see our current selves and not us one and a half years ago.
Spoiler Alert! Jason and I still look like our same old hunky selves… haha!



COME SIT WITH ME, with full warm mugs. Lets sip our lattes and talk about New Years Resolutions and goals.

I love planning things. Making lists is my jam and dreaming about the future. New Years was created for me I believe! Let’s plan our lives away and freak my husband out in the process! Haha! I’m kidding! He holds his breath I fear whenever the words, ‘we should plan…’ or someday let’s go…’ or ‘I think we should start…’ escape from my lips.

Last year I had a phrase for the year – resting in a God I can trust, or just rest. (You can read about it here) The actuality of me leaning back on that word in 2015 didn’t pan past February. Eventually I moved away from needing to rest, or at least being aware of the word and totally forgot about it. Thinking about that makes me feel terrible now. I really liked that word. Rest is something I continually struggle with whether I know it or not. Maybe rest should be my life word instead…. hummmm…..



After goal talking with a couple of friends and journaling, I sensed I was OK with just bouncing on through the new year with no goals. No words. No plans. Just savor the moments and delight in my kids.

It probably has a little to do with the stage of life I’m in. These days are kinda hard to plan much since interruptions and unexpecteds popping up is my norm. Getting my 12 cups of water down daily is a struggle – I read it helps with baby acne, which seems to be working. I would love to get back to taking walks but I don’t know when or how to do so with a two month old in winter.

So no goals. Just live and enjoy each day as best I can. No matter how haggard I feel with unfinished projects, a barely cleaned house, and things I yearn to do pushed to the back burner.



Needless to say, eagerly I wrote this delighting phrase down at the top of my planner with the intention of being reminded each month – you know, in case I forget again like I did with last year’s word. I got as far as March scribbling down my goal and then got completely board with it. My free spirit was feeling trapped.

Will this be my goal for the entire year? I wondered.

I remembered what a friend and I had chatted about which suddenly seemed like a good idea.

What if instead we come up with something different for each month? Or better yet, just try the goal thing out for one month, for January and see how it goes. If that works, then follow through with it next month. When I get to February see how you feel (ha, or if I even remember) then keep the same goal or choose a new one.

Taking on this one-month-at-a-time-goal-idea, I’m feeling no pressure now to make it through December. No pressure to make it to February. I’m just focusing on this month.

Hello today!!

Then tomorrow. And then the next day. Delighting in my kiddos one day at a time. In my loooooooong days. With a testy two-year old and a belly aching baby.

I’m an ENFP, the campaigner. Ever the optimist. Ever the dreamer.      And of course… ever the spontaneous. 


And there you have it, friends.
I’m setting one goal for just. January. 



How about you?
Did you set goals for the 2016?
Do you do words or phrases for the year?
Anything you’re doing different this year then other years? Perhaps nothing at all? 🙂

Also, any pointers on how to get into a schedule with a two month of and two-year old?

Feel free to comment here or on Facebook!  



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