4 Things for Your Weekend


Today I bring you 4 of my favorite things!
I feel so proud of myself for realizing I actually have somethings that I love right now in this wild season of my life! No skirting around the bush here, this season of my life is wild, unpredictable and 1/3 parts hard. But, don’t run from my honesty, friends! There are good things sprinkled throughout too!


Here are 4 things I love right now!

Downton Abby Collage

1.  DOWNTON ABBY IS BACK! Last Sunday, January 3 was the start of the season premier! Check out this link for a cheeky descriptions and pictures of the cast in real life! I’m so excited to be watching this show again! Who will Mary marry??!


Gilmore girls:guys Collage

GILMORE GUYS – Mom and I loved Gilmore Girls when it first came out in 2000, way back in the DAY. Is that really 16 years ago???  Now that it’s on Netflix you can binge watch the show in one wknd – or not. It’s 7 seasons! That’s a lot of screen time people. Please stick to your resolutions and get that workout in! :p

Ok, so I’ve been hearing so much about Gilmore Guys on my near and dear podcasts lately and I’m dying to check this podcast out for myself finally!

Check it out with me and let me know what you think of it fellow Gilmore fans!! Find it on your podcast app or on iTunes



SERIAL – Have you listened to serial yet? It came out a year ago. Since the podcast, Adnan Syed’s case is being reopened.  Read more about it here.  They are opening up the case after 15 yrs of imprisonment. The Podcast is suburb and hard to turn off! I’m looking forward to the continuation coming.



LEFTOVERS – They aren’t the most attractive looking foods but they are the handiest thing when you don’t have time or energy to whip up something for lunch! Sometimes I’ll purposely make extra so I have leftovers. Leftovers to the rescue!! Whoo-hooooooo!!


Happy weekending, y’all! 



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