3 things to make time for

IT’S MY FAVORITE ALONE TIME. They are rarely long, mostly quickie. What am I talking about?

Hot morning showers.

Me and my shower have daily set meetings – it’s as close as I can get to a real savory spa treat. No mater what, I always wiggle in a few minutes for it. Even if it’s 11:49AM.

Though the weather is warmer this week – in the 60’s, I still am smitten with a steamy shower.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Weather affects my mood. I’m a climate chameleon.

– rainy or overcast = moody and, well, grumpy is a description on the nicer side.

Pour on some rain, bonus points if it’s windy, and we’re getting closer to a clone of the Wicked Witch of the West. If you were are priest. This would be my confession.

– SUN and more sun (no matter the temperature most days) = Happiness. Overflowing.

And sunshine has been the forecast this entire weeeeeeeek! Even if I’m not outside but sunlight is streaming in my windows. I’m resurrected. So, so sorry to my lovers-of-rainy-days friends. Please don’t be offended. I’m glad you have days that make you happy too.

Happiness is an essential part of life. If you know what makes you happy, chase it. This climate chameleon also knows that being around people is another happiness enhancer besides the weather. And that’s been a nice reoccurrence this week as well as the sunshine and warm-ness.

Have any of you readers listened to the Gilmore Guys Podcast that I mentioned in the last post? When I checked it out the other day, I got completely overwhelmed with the hundreds and hundreds of episodes and didn’t know where to start. So I picked the most recent, #522. It made me want to watch the actual show again so badly that I couldn’t even finish it.

Real Life Confession: Jason and I are currently ready for episode 5 in season 1 of the Gilmore Girls show. So, so, so much fun watching it again!

I was telling my brother who remembers watching the show with mom and me back in 2000, that I actually get the nerdy jokes now and what I thought was fast checky dialogue is easy to follow and get. It is also interesting to note how dated 15 years ago is for not feeling that long ago. Can we say I’m starting to feel really old? 

And that’s 3 things I’m making time for! I’m also excited to start reading Marie Kondo’s magic of tidying up at nap time! It’s a book I’ve been so curious about after seeing it everywhere on social media! Have you read it? What did you think? If I get enough interest from my readers, I’ll do a book review!

What 3 things are you currently making time for?


6 thoughts on “3 things to make time for

  1. I’m currently making time for reading, playing with my kids, & and cooking. Yep, those things are pretty much taking up my time. I look forward to hearing how you like “the life changing magic…”.


  2. So it is you watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It is funny because Mary just borrowed all my setasons. One: I am trying to make time for is Downtonot Abby.
    Two: Finding time to bless someone each week.
    Three:: To enjoy a good read, wither it be audio or reading.


    1. Yes! And I found that I am living just as much now as I did back then with you!
      Since dad was here Sunday I missed the second episode of the finale so can’t wait to make time for that! I’d love to hear how your weekly blessing others is going soon and happy reading!


  3. Well two thingss I have been doing this winter are cleaning\organizing my long neglected house, and sewing (which is how I relax after cleaning). I have been playing games with the littles too. Uno with the two year old yesterday….just going along with her made up rules.


    1. This is so great! Have you read ‘the life-changing Magic of tidying up’? I wonder what you would think of her ideas as far as tidying up. I love found it facing ting so far. Not sure it’s life changing yet. We’ll see!
      Ever since I read uno I’m so looking forward to playing with Gavin someday.
      And you are a sewing wizard! Glad is relaxes you! I would be stressed with high blood pressure! 😜


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