For your weekend


MAYBE your snowed in this weekend?

Maybe you live in the deep south, like me, and are only hearing about all the snow shutting down the East Coast? My phone has been exploding with text messages and pictures from family in Pa and Va. It all looks gorgeous and fun but I’m glad for my frosty morning. I’ll take that over snow any day.

On the other hand, maybe you rediscovered that you live way. down. south. This ticked my funny bone after hearing someone announce they are going up to Atlanta. Oh, Texas, you still disorient me so- even after 6 years of residency. I have yet to memorize your boarder states. Is that really MIMAL’s boot to the east of me? Sometimes I can’t believe I live on the west side of the Mississippi. Who would’ve thunk?


Anywho, no matter where you live, here are some weekend links to great reads and discoveries for you as you sip your coffee, hot cocoa or iced tea.


  • Read this by Emily freeman at (in)courage on being enough 
  • I adore this shirt. This is the cheapest I’ve seen it thus far.
  • AND, my latest big-time-crush for this phone-a-phobic — my voxer app. I recently connected with friends and fam this way and love. love. love it!
    Short explanation for the unacquainted: The app sends voice message back and forth. I like it because I hear your voice unlike a text and I can play your message and respond at my connivence, unlike a phone call. It’s revolutionized how I stay in touch with family and friends, y’all!


Have a safe weekend!


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