For the love of chit-chat and those allergic


Hi Friends!

Is it really the second week in February already? Feb is the shortest, fastest month. Do you even remember January? It’s a little fuzzy for me too.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I just came back from If:Gathering in Austin on Sunday. The Gathering (a woman’s conference geared to – gather,  equip and unleash the next generation of woman) left me with a reflective glaze over my soul-eyes. So much good content to absorb in one weekend.

I walked into the event with zero expectations. Ok, maybe one – that my baby would quietly co-operate, which she did. And, I walked out with a compelling desire to get reconnected to the vine. To abide in Christ. That’s where life begins. Where love is cultivated and that’s where friendship with Christ deepens. Of all my dreams, desires and plans, abiding in Christ is all that I need to do.

So, did you learn anything last month? Serious or humorous?  Here are just a few things I scratched down. Some are chit-chatty. Some are real-life. Some I happened to relearn.

hello 2016


1  In the beginning of the year I declared one goal for the month – Delighting in my kiddos. It served me well. When I wasn’t sure what to do next, I’d play with the two-year old. When I wanted to rest or read or rummage up some food, there was always the baby to coo over and coax into contagious giggles. When I was too serious and thinky I’d shake free, run outside and slip down the slide or shot black sharks (the dog) with Gavin in the yard.

I did all that and did not feel guilty once. Now, did I feel silly, maybe? Yes. Yes, I did. But I know Dr Seuss would approve.

The kiddos are in fun stages, 3 mon and 2 and a half and changing so much right now I want to savor and store up as many memories in my mental hard drive as I can, never to forget these simple days.

The jury is still out as to whether or not I’ll do goals for February…



2  Have you ever heard of Harlem Globe Trotters?  Me neither. And I come from a family of 6 brothers and most of them played basketball in school. How did this ‘thing’ slip by my consciousness? I can hardly stand it that I never heard of them! Anywhooo, they performed in Waco last month at Baylor. 




3  Speaking of relearning, my mom told me she bought the finale season of Downton Abby. I was like whaaaa? Like, how is that even possible, mom? Yeah, the entire season was aired first in Europe, like a year ago. I did know this.

Those of you who tangibly grasp this season don’t spoil it for me. (Do you hear me, mom?) I really, really hope that Lady Mary doesn’t marry. I think that would clench the season from all cheesy perfection. It would end with a hook. Unsatisfying! Wanting more! Oh, will there be more? Love it!





4  I learned you can do group chats on Voxer! This has transformed my life on how I get together with friends from afar! Dreams are being fulfilled. It’s real, y’all!




5  This one’s for my allergic to small talk friends 🙂

Are you an ‘all-or-nothing’ type of person or do you moderate well?

Not sure?

Think of food and dieting. Are you a sold out person hot on a diet with no exceptions for a cookie or scoop of ice cream. OR, do you moderate well and can sneak one cookie every now and then but still be on the diet? If you were a ‘all-or-nothing’ gal, you’d not even allow ONE cheat. Ever.

Episode #20 from the Simple Show brought this discussion all to light between me and some friends and I had fun chatting it up on voxer. I have been lying to myself the whole time desperately wanting to be a Moderate person. My husband told me flat-out that I am def a all-or-nothing. But I didn’t want to believe him.

Oh, say it ain’t so! I don’t like who I am. I don’t like that I can’t moderate. What good is an all-or-nothing gal? I need help. Clearly. Rehab from disillusionment. A counselor. Any takers? :0

The more I thought about it, being all-or-nothing doesn’t mean that I don’t ever moderate. It just means that I can’t do it well. That I need practice at it and develop awareness of times when I need to step back from being too focused. It’s interesting to think about areas of my life that have been affected by this trait. Like my devotioal life, for instance. Anyway, I still don’t like this about me but it is me. At least I know if I ever want to go on a diet, I’ll be killer at it.


Let’s keep the convo rolling! What about you? Which trait best describes you?




2 thoughts on “For the love of chit-chat and those allergic

  1. Definitely an all-or-nothing-er here too. It’s easy for me to feel frustrated with that aspect of my personality, but I do think learning the art of moderation is so key in using it in a proper way. Case in point: a few weeks ago, I was completely ready to delete myself from the online and social media world (blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) because it felt like it was sucking me in way more than it should and creating more of a conflict in my soul than a positive influence. My natural tendency was to just do away with whatever was causing the problem (because ALL OR NOTHING!), but Ben talked me down off the ledge and helped me see the goodness in learning to balance and moderate. I’m a big believer that our biggest strengths can also be our greatest weakness, which I think it true in the all-or-nothing mentality. It’s a good thing, because it creates passionate people. But it can be a detriment to us and those around us when it’s not managed properly, and THAT is what I’m trying to learn these days. Phew, ok, this turned into a book. 🙂

    Cool post, Jolynn!


    1. I don’t think I would have guessed you as ‘all or nothing’ but, it sure sounds like you know the life well! 😄 Your husband sounds like the perfect man for you! I think we both can learn a little moderation from our hubbys!
      There are good things about all or nothing people. I have to remember it’s not a mistake to be like this.
      Off and on I contemplate getting rid of my social media apps too but I can’t ever bring myself to do it. I’m too darn attached!


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