What I Learned in Feb

Joining Emily Freeman to add what I learned in February. Let’s be notices of life.


1  There’s no right way to have devotions. 
I came back from IF:Gathering in Austin this year feeling challenged to get connected to the vine. Abiding in Christ is so difficult in this season of life with two littles especially with one being a baby. Babies do not keep regular schedules causing devotional time not to be on a regular schedule. After asking my fiends on Facebook what and how they stay connected, I still have no easy fix to my dilemma. My go-to this past week has been reading my First5 app. I believe it’s a matter of intention and grace for the forgettys.

2. Monthly goal = yearly goal
I made no plans to make a yearly word or goal. But I started out January with a monthly word – delight (in my kids). This word has crawled its way into February and I’m feelings it’s soft feet patter into March as well. Who knows? – my word for one month just might become my word for the year!

3. I’m sorries are scary but worth it.
An impulsive moment of insensitivity towards a friend, I learned that saying I’m sorry with flowers brings healing and closeness we think not possible held by our fear of damage done. I experienced it’s possible to do hard things, even while scared.

4. It’s been a year of IF:Tables.
You can read why I started an IF:Table (and what it is) here. It all started a year ago. Five of us have gathered monthly, gotten close and found our groove. Now we are expanding and opening our doors. I’m so excited to see where God leads in this next year of gathering around an expanding table within our community!

5. Two funerals sandwiched between two baby showers. 
Are you familiar with the phrase, pain and joy run on parallel tracks? It’s one of the dichotomy’s of life. This past month I had the opportunity to celebrate life passed and life to come. Twice. Once on the same day…

– – –

 What have you learned in February?

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