Motivational Tips for Every Mom


My last post gave insight to one of my qualms as a SAHM – self-motivation or the lack thereof. For a more precise definition, I’m talking about self-motivation in getting housework accomplished.

I am not good at establishing routines with mundane tasks like sweeping the floor every day. I guess I just don’t see the floor needs it, make time for it or else am completely oblivious it.

I feel like such a fool admitting my faults on the WWW. But, maybe, just maybe you struggle with self-motivation as well. Maybe you have a grouchy, old lady in your head pointing her crooked finger at you,too.

I thought this quote was funny. And sad to say, true. (click quote for source)

ENFPs are basically happy people. They may become unhappy when they are confined to strict schedules or mundane tasks. Consequently, ENFPs work best in situations where they have a lot of flexibility, and where they can work with people and ideas.


So I’ve thought up a bunch of ways to coax up some motivation. These tips are just in time for to help with your weekend cleaning. 🙂

Sit back and read.
You, my friend are the right place.


do it with coffee


Step 1. Admit this is your problem. After I admitted this was me, I couldn’t deny it anymore hoping that it wasn’t me. Admitting your tendencies frees you to work with yourself (because it’s important we get along with ourselves) instead of fighting who you are.

2  Write down a list of what you must do that week and cross each item off after completion (there is a trill in crossing things off)

3  Set the cleaning items out – like windex or oven cleaner or pull the dirty laundry basket into the kitchen. If you keep looking at it chances are soon or a later you’ll get frustrated looking at it or stumbling around it and just go do it.

4  Brew coffee. Does caffiene give you leaps and bounds of energy? Go brew some joe. Concoct an iced coffee. Whip up a latte. Or brew some sweet tea if you live in the south.

5  Play with your toddlers for 10-15 min before starting your work. This fills up their love tanks and you can (hopefully) work with fewer interruptions. (Just don’t forget to stop playing and get to it!)

6  Have people over. If you invite people over on the weekend that means you’ll have to clean your house. This one usually works the best for me. It provides the perfect amount of pressure with a deadline to clean. Hopefully you don’t procrastinate til the last day possible to get all the cleaning done (been there).

7  Rewards. Create a reward for getting the work done. Baking your favorite bars or cake. Or if you have an item, like lip gloss or flip-flops you’ve been wanting to get place a picture of it around your house as a reminder and incentive.

8  Crank the tunes. Create a cleaning play list with tons of beaty, bouncy songs and jam out! Also, there are some pretty cool playlists on Pandora that you can groove to while working out with the vacuum cleaner. I really enjoy Anthem Lights, Straight No Chaser and Needtobreathe Radio. What do you like on Pandora? I love new suggestions.

9  Listen to a podcast. A couple of my favs right now are 1) The Simple Show 2) What Should I Read Next? 3)Personality Hacker 4)Sorta Awesome and 5)Timothy Keller Sermons are always interesting.

10  Embrace your inner child and buy these stickers! (this is not an affiliate link) This is so silly and so much fun at the same time! I’m so excited for mine to come in the mail! 🙂


What would you add to the list?
Any great motivation tips you’d like to share?
I’d love to hear what works for you!


4 thoughts on “Motivational Tips for Every Mom

      1. My current fave podcast is The Minimalists; I’m obsessed. I’m not really feeling Pandora right now… listening to Celtic Thunder the most right now though that can change by the day for me. 😉


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