How to Connect to the Vine


Last year I attended an IF:local in Waco,
 loved it and purposed in my heart to go to the live event in Austin 2016. I live this close and it’s ridiculous that I don’t make it down there at least one time. So this past February I went to IF:Gathering in Austin.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting or wanted out of it going into the weekend. I think I was hoping to make some connections like actually meet Jeanie Allen or Jen Hatmaker and buddy up or something? har-har! — but none of that happened. I’m not meeting Jen Hatmaker for a Shiner Bock anytime soon.

This year before going to IF I felt like I was not at a needy place in my life or desperate for clarity like last year. With an open mind, I pushed my stroller through downtown Austin into the ACL center. (This blank set of expectations might have had to do with being accompanied by my 3 month old and thoughts more mostly on navigating the whole nursing and napping routine at a mega big event center)

So what did I take-away from IF:Gathering 2016?

Afterwards I sensed strongly that I need to spend more time in the word. I need more abiding in Christ; more of His heart pressed into mine. I need to get reconnected.

In hindsight I can see now all the reasons why I haven’t been abiding. I haven’t noticed my falling away. It’s like I’ve been caught up in some fast paced city life, enraptured up in all the noises, nuances and needs of everything around me. Pulled here and there, living from one urge to the next.

Have you ever found yourself in a place where everything is belly up, caty-whompous? Having the second child really has been the game changer for me. I’m having a hard time getting into a routine or at bare minimal creating the framework for one. It’s that feeling of grasping at invisible clouds that vanish to the touch. Repeatedly I find myself at 11AM and wonder what did I do this morning? or how will I yet accomplish what I didn’t do?

Getting connected is what I want. Discovering the how-to is still being discovered.

A friend wrote on Facebook when I prompted a discussion on how busy moms can connect to the vine:

But everything we do can be an act of worship…I’m in the kitchen serving my family – this is spiritual…I’m cleaning up a mess my baby made – this is spiritual. So as we serve our families, we are serving Jesus. When my life is a whirlwind with little people and their demands I so want to remember that God understands.


She is very wise. May I learn to develop a mindset where everything I do in my day viewed as an act of worship.


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2 thoughts on “How to Connect to the Vine

  1. This I enjoyed. Thank you! I’m mom of 4, the youngest having just turned 1, the oldest 9. Sometimes I get frustrated and am like, “God?! How can I grow in You if I hardly have time to dive deep into your Word?” My baby is horrid sleeper at best (think being awake from 2:30- 5:30 in the night) and falls asleep around midnight and starts her day at 6:30. Then when she takes her naps, my older ones are up and needing me. :/ I must remember I’m serving God when I”m serving them. I like your friend’s words! Trust me…I dearly love all 4. Love being Mom. We’ll continue to grab Bible moments when we can. Even if it is in the bathroom. 😉


    1. I’m so sorry about your baby’s sleeping habits! 😦 Mine wasn’t much better until I decided to start her on rice cereal. Now she sleeps from 9pm to 6am! It’s divine! Though, I can totally relate with the naps not coinciding. My life right there too and it’s hard to not feel selfish for wanting some space or silence from the demands of littles. Might have to actually close the bathroom door next time! 😉
      Glad to connect with you!


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