What March Brought


Spring keeps blowing in down here as we sit in clusters of bluebonnets and rebuild our upper-body mowing the lawn. Carrying a 17lbs baby is nothing these days. I realize our 70+ degree of awesomeness is not everybody’s story. I am sorry.

Along with spring, March has blown in an invisible murderer, AKA allergies. Heads that pound out painful rhythms of “Lord, have mercy!” keep us indoors and reaching for meds, meds and more honey? Yes, local, unpasteurized honey. They say it helps. I’m becoming a believer.

I saw on pollen.com that this stretch between Dallas and Austin is the worst place in the county to live as far as allergies are concerned. As me and my lovies suffer, I dream of moving away — far, far away. North Dakota I believe was listed as one of the best states to breath in right now. Pretty sure he wasn’t on my list of top 5 places to live but an acceptation might be in order….


Before laying March to rest, I’d like to share 4 things I’ve noticed looking back.


1. Caring well once does not make me an expert.
Relationships are funmy things. Once I thought I cared well for another only to discover a couple weeks later the relationship distant. My crowned ego nose dived. Caring once is not like hot pavement, smoothed permanently over people. People don’t appreciate hard pavement poured over them. What was effective yesterday might not be the rub they like tomorrow.

Life is a funny. Constantly we are learning and relearning. We think we advanced to second base only to discover we’re back at first… Again.


2. Voxer needs boundaries. This is my latest communication crush as most of you dear friends know. But, like most things in our lives, it too needs moderation. Better me running my life, than my life running me. Running me talking up a wall and forgetting those on the floor staring at me calling me mom.


3. If:Table gathering is MY night. we live out in the country. Pretty darn far from any real organized moms event. As every mom of little knows, a designated time away from the kiddos is vital to functionality par. This past gathering I did everything in my willpower to get to that table! With wide panicked eyeballs I declared to my husband, “I’ve got to get there!! There is no way in missing it even if I’m late!” I was late. But, you can be sure I was there with bells and whistles, y’all.


4. It’s not actually good if someone is just like you. Ladies, you very well might now this. Our children are so precious and they say the darnedest things and make the sweetest faces. But, once they pull an identical not so admiralable behavioral stint of yours, it stings. It might even make you do or say things you regret. Let’s just say when my two year old turns to me with fire in his eyes and motor revving, “I got an idea! Let’s have a pillow fight!” at 9:17 in the morning. It’s not actually good that we are so much alike. Please, let me finish my coffee, Adam Levine. I’m just not as into this as you are. . . . 


What did you learn in March? I’d love to hear from you!

As April unpacks it bags to stay, I’d also like to hear from you what is it that recharges you.  I’m working on a post about recharging as a SAHM. What really is restful besides laying around on the couch watching Netflix! Feedback would be appreciated!

Happy April ladies!!


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6 thoughts on “What March Brought

  1. As someone who is living in North Dakota the reason we don’t have allergies is because there is nothing green because it’s still snowing. I would take allergies over this


    1. Haha! You’re so funny! That does sound rather barren. 😞 it’s amazing what we take for granted until it’s replaced with something less desirable. This too shall pass and before long it will be summer and maybe we’ll see you?


      1. Hopefully in September we can make it down there. I know it seems silly but I miss texas and the way it’s different evryway you go where as up here it’s just miles and miles of the same. Way worse than there. And I really want warm weather. But you do get used to this. Hard to believe I survived my first North Dakota winter.


      2. You sure did survive! You are making memories and stories to tell that’s for sure! The more you travel and experience place the more well rounded you are becoming. It’s a beautiful thing. πŸ’žπŸ’ƒπŸ»


  2. Love what you shared! I recently (within the past 9 months) learned that people not being exactly like me is actually a very good thing! I used to think very much otherwise. Ha! Things like that remind me that being an adult is kind of nice too! Our personality test was also so interesting to see how people compliment each other. Comparing Michael and I’s results was the most “ah ha”! Although not a SAHM, checking things off my list recharges me more than anything! I also enjoy a weekend trip to the hill country during beautiful weekends like these.


    1. I think it goes goes ways– people like you can be good (in productive/work settings) and those opposite are good too. But, typically those most like you can rub like sandpaper 😊
      Congrats on getting your husband to take the personality test! I can’t remember if Jason actually took it or not or if I just guessed at what I think he is. Ha! May many interesting life bring ah-ha moment continue to flood your days and discussions.
      And thanks for the feedback on what recharges you! I totally ‘feel’ you on checking things off a list! Yes! And the hills most defiantly are calling these days!


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