Those April Showers + 5 Things


APRIL has been just that — rainy. For this sunny extrovert, weeks of rain forecasted have been enough to through my soul into the hole. Thankfully not every time rain was forecasted did it rain. There have been lots of sunny weather scatter throughout our April as well.

I always feel a pang of guilt taking about my distaste of (consecutive) rainy days because I know there are those of you reading that can not get enough of them. At the forecast of rainy days y’all get all giddy and settled in your happy place. If this is you, you would love Texas in the spring.

Besides rain, things have been happening here on Hackberry. Linking up with emilypfreeman to share about our April.





1.  Sick children and interrupted sleep wheedle weariness. I don’t want to be caught blind-sided next time my kiddos are both sick. The Sunday after a particularly rough week I actually took two naps. My husband gets a gold star sticker for that one!

And who knew children share sicknesses – ha!


2. I wish I hadn’t been fed the assumption that Pride and Prejudice is hard to read because it’s written in old English. Yes, its old English but it’s one thousand times easier to read than I imagined and two thousand times easier to read than Romeo and Juliet. I am completely enraptured and interested bearing great attachment to the formation of language with such engaging felicity and deserving attention as this novel has procured.

I just wish I hadn’t seen the movie first because like most situations, the book is way better – fur-surrr!


3. This month particularly has been a growing season as I continually discover, find and own my voice. There have been a couple of instances in that past that have brought me to see how I do have a voice that matters. I’d like to be more comfortable with it/me. We each have our own stories of how our voices have been shaped. It’s the wrestling though our unique formation into the other side were we are truly at peace with not only the sound of our voice but also the freedom to offer it to others.


4. I am not a private person. This little fact has been brought to my attention. I burst out laughing when this detail came up, but, yes, it’s true, we still, hardly ever close the bathroom door in our house. It’s so weird and strange to close and actually lock the door when guests are over.  I feel like the visitor in my very own house! Please tell me this is totally normal in your house too if you find yourself surrounded by little people.

But, maybe we should begin making efforts to reverse this ‘norm’ in the near future.



5. Nobody is expecting me to blog except myself. If I were to stop blogging the world wouldn’t crash, people won’t be banging down my door. It’s a beast I’ve created purely on my own and in a way it’s kind of like a business. To keep it running I have to put the work into it or it will fold. Voice wrestling has brought me near folding more times than you will ever know.


Just for fun, what did you learn or discover in April?


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