Be Kind to Yourself

WHEN SHE MENTIONED she still struggles at her age finding her writing voice in blogging, I was shocked. A part of me just figured Future Me will have blogging all figured out then. That I’ll have found my perfect niche. My groove. I don’t see future me still struggling with my writing.

This also pertains to just about every area in my life. Down the road, Future Me will have everything figured out. Future Me will have her life together and know what she’s doing and who she is. She’ll know her life purpose. Being wiser and smarter, future me will say and do all the right things and of course, be the perfect parent and wife.

Sound like your Future Self?



Most of us have a version of our future selves tucked away in our minds. She is a reminder that eventually we’re gonna arrive at perfection, wherever that is, and she gives hope that one day we won’t be making the same mistakes of today.

There’s just one teeny problem with this assumption. There is something we are failing to actually see.

Do you know what that is?



Future Me will have issues.

Isn’t that the truth? Can I get an amen? I will still have issues in the future. There. I said it. It’s out. I realize you might stop reading and jump out of this screen. But, please don’t go and hear me out first!

We will never stop going through things while we’re alive.

Future me will have struggles and valleys to walk through. They might be completely different than today’s but you can count on them being there.


So, I want to practice being kinder to myself because I know there will never be a season where I’m not struggling or wrestling through something. As long as my heart’s beating I will be striving towards a goal or trying to work through a situation.

I agree it would be so nice to ‘have it together’ and know where we’re headed in life. Which makes looking back so meaningful to see who you used to be, how you handled life and what your triggers are. Chances are you might see repeating behavior and common areas of tension. I sure do.

When I think about the me this afternoon or the me this weekend and what she’ll have on her plate it creates a desire for me to be kind to that woman. I see her and long to give her grace and space to be. Space to struggle well. I want her to be unbound of her insecurities and fears. I want her to be fully alive and to offer herself to others.

When we consider the true person we want to be in the future, we can start being that person now.

Who I am today matters way more then who I desperately hope to magically become. Today I can choose who I want to become. Today I can practice being the me I see years from now.

Let’s take a warm sip of coffee and mediate on to make the best decisions now in care of our soul to freely dance down the path of who we hope to become.






3 thoughts on “Be Kind to Yourself

  1. I love this!! So encouraging and TRUE! Love especially what you said about who I am today mattering far more than who I desperately hope to magically become. It’s just what I needed to hear. Thanks for sharing!

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