What the Mutt Taught Me



SHE WALKS FAST. Usually because she’s in a hurry. And usually because she wants to make it back to the house before the baby wakes up.

Don’t be surprised to see her phone held up to her face, talking 100 miles per second. Voxer app in full throttle, exchanging conversation with friends all over the place. Somehow she has friends in many different states. Family too.

If she’s not on voxer, she’s calling her mom old school.

Rounding the corner, just past a relatively new stone house, the house she watched being built on her walks, the familiar little yappy dogs charge towards the chain fence, barking as though their life depended on it, or like they were announcing intruder! to every K9 species in the vicinity.

This time, for no reason in particular, she noticed the other dog. She didn’t see him until she walked up past the pool. This one was slightly bigger and had a chain pulling him backwards behind the above ground pool. Twisted up in his legs and body, the chain restrained him from joining the deafening chorus of barkers at the fence.

Poor dog, she laughed. I know just how you feel looking like a crazy fool trying to be where everybody else is too. How many times had I wanted to sing soprano like the rest but couldn’t. 


 I look just as ridiculous as I struggle to join the pack.

Have you been there? Have you had those feelings? Wanting to be where everybody else is, to be noticed, fit in, belong somewhere but your chain of sorts is holding you back. You’re on the outside determined to get inside.

 The cool people (sounds so high school, I know) are doing all these trendy things and we want to too. We charge forward in top gear, peddling til we’re blue in the face. Oh, how silly we look flailing about. I know this because I’ve been there and I’ve felt silly being the desperate one.

So much energy wasted trying to get inside. Trying to get, get, get

 Like that chain bound mutt, I’m dumb enough to not realize I just need to stop yanking. I’m dumb enough to keep trying, ignoring my soul’s real desire. What it’s whispering for.

We weren’t made to be like everybody else. That’s not why we’re here.

Whether I never get in or maybe someday do, God’s acceptance for me will never change based on my self-imposed demands. God beckons, come to me all who are weary trying and I will give you real soul rest. What your actually longing for even though you’re not aware of it yet.

Come to me. 

Come to me, he says, all who are weary…

What are you desperate for today?
What are you trying, trying, trying to do or to be like or want that is stretching the chain tight?


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