Belize, How I Love You

belize living the dream


Our little family had the opportunity to travel to Belize for 10 days. My husband was born there and we knew some day we’d get down there to visit. Well, there was a wedding and if it wasn’t for his dad remarrying a woman from Spanish Lookout, Belize, who knows when we would have ended up going. Thank God for weddings 🙂

Like a regular 9-year-old, I was giddy with excitement – up until the week we were set to leave. Then I started worrying about how the baby was going to do and I fretted that 10 days was a really, really long time and the whole idea began to feel overwhelming and too risky.

family caribbean

I love dreaming but when new dreams have a chance to soar into reality (or when dreams are premeditated longer than a whim) I have a way of talking myself out of them.

This is exactly how my snorkeling experience went….

Well, there was no talking out of this trip with all the tender $$$ invested.
And the snorkeling did happen as well with all kinds of tender encouragement.



The above picture is the whole group that flew down the same day as us and we all happened to be on the same flight (all family). Our little party of 4 is on the far right.





Our trip was even more amazing than I thought it would be. The kids did fantastic for the most part. Cali was great most of the times with the exception of a couple wild evenings.

We meant tons of Jason’s family, all of which were incredibly hospitable and gracious and friendly. We got to see most of Jason’s uncles and aunts and cousins homes. I was able to see my friend, Ez and spend a little time with her in her cute little house.



We eat at most of the restaurants in the local area and drank gallons of coke.


We stayed at the house on the Hatchery property, which was the house Jason grew up in. Jason’s dad started the hatchery business which is still in business and looking to expand this summer.

Mornings we often had eggs for breakfast, cracked, fertile ones from the hatchery. We agreed they tasted better than eggs back home. And, the most amazing fresh fruit — EVER! thanks to Jason’s aunt Margaret that was visiting also and staying in the same house with us.



The Hatchery




Pineapple and papaya practically every morning and occasionally a MONgo. (not, MANgo) 🙂




Oh, the times and talks Angela and I had in these two chairs with our little girlies. Sometimes way late into the night… 🙂



We had such a great trip! There were so many warm, precious memories treasured in our hearts. I’m so honored to know Jason’s family so much better and experience the culture he grew up in.

Here are some pictures –

Goff’s Caye










Xunantunich, Mayan Ruins.  To get there we had to cross a ferry with our vehicles.
A shot at the wedding. It was a nice wedding and the music especially beautiful.

 Peter and Anna

 Jason’s cousin, Eileen has coconut trees! We experienced/tasted fresh coconuts off the tree! I was expecting the milk to be warmer than what it actually was and the flavor contained an unexpected tanginess to it.





Swimming in the river. A refreshing treat in that 100+ weather!
One afternoon, a group of us got to go tubbing. It was awesome getting away from my babies for a while. A part of me forgot how to cut loose and have fun with those youngin’s. Angela was a help in that department 🙂 I’m just too used to parenting these days I guess … haha!
And then we hopped on the plane and flew back to Texas!
Up next, life after Belize…

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