A Birthday in Belize

remembering Tim


FOR THOSE OF YOU who steadily follow my blog or my social media on Facebook or Instagram, you know about Jason’s brother, Tim. He battled leukemia off and on for about twenty months. His death was roughly unanticipated. He had his second stem cell transplant and for me, I just assumed he’d pull through and live like he did after his first stem cell transplant.

Unfortunately, God doesn’t always have the same plans as we have in mind for ourselves.

To me it just made sense that Tim would live. I mean, he did before. And he was needed. He had a lovely wife, four sons, two of which to finish raising and all which their weddings to attend. He’s part of my brother’s family. A brother. A brother-in-law, He’s a son and a son-in-law. He’s an uncle. Of course he’d keep on living and being all of those things.

But he didn’t.

There is an uncomely gap in our gatherings without his presence. We all feel it.


WHILE IN BELIZE, Tim’s 51st birthday was on the Sunday right after his dad’s wedding. In honor of Tim and in remembrance, we gathered and released 51+ balloons into heaven for his birthday. It makes me teary just writing this. Some markered endearing messages on the balloons.

Tim was born in Belize, like all of Jason and his siblings. The river, not far from their home, was a big part of their life. So many of their stories feature the river.

I’m so glad the time was taken to scrounge around Spanish Lookout in search of a helium tank to fill all those balloons. It was worth it. Tim may be gone, but he is certainly not forgotten.


We miss you, Tim.


ballons for tim


Norma with 3 of her sons that came to Belize.

Norma boys balloons


Happy birthday, Tim!

ballones for tim

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