July – Smarter for it

DISCLAIMER – Sorry if you received the unedited version of this post in your e-mail! Those things happen even to me sometimes!


It was around the 4th of July. An uncle and aunt and family arrived in Texas the beginning of the month. Their aroma of Belize swooshed back all the warm memories of our stay there just one month prior. For a week or more we rubbed shoulders with them soaking up in as much Belize vapors a possible. We were fortunate to be with Belizeans so soon after our recent trip.

Around that same time I learned a valuable lesson. Reacting is not worth the regret later. It’s not worth all the words uttered either. Not even 12 hours later. By then the feelings might have vanished completely. Just saying… Later, Lysa TerKeurst posted this on Instagram. I strongly believe we’re soul sisters.

If you wait for it – – it will come. Once we bought our little boy his first Nerf football. We were so elated to start all the memories and fun. Then our dog chewed it. I was so put out, I wanted to zoom off and purchase another. Just the other day I spied not one, but TWO nerf footballs camouflaged in the living room. One was a birthday present and the other was a freebie from work. Th moral is this, if you wait  for it, it just might come to pass. Now, how ’bout that leather bag, bunk beds, media center, area rug, swings…. hahaha


There are days where I know if I stay at home I’ll be miserable and yet, the thought of going out makes me miserable too. Packing up the kids can be exhausting, amen?

Well, friends, let me tell ya, almost always I am so grateful I went out in the end. Even when I don’t feel like it, pushing the reset button, conjuring up some extra hustle, leaving the house, breathing fresher air changes the atmosphere and attitudes at home (do I need to add  ‘at this stage in my life’?)
And, when I’m worried how the kids will do, they surprise me and are much better than I ever expected.

Usually it’s just me that needs the reset hit anyway…

How was your July?
If you can, find some time to look back on what was before anticipating what will be.





One thought on “July – Smarter for it

  1. How true that, as moms, it’s usually us that need the reset button. The kids are just playing and being children. It’s the overworked, overtired mommy that needs it. I too get anxious staying in or going out; but, then I’m thankful I chose to get out. Fresh air is refreshing and is just the recharge I need.


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