What Happened to What I Learned

I can not tell you enough how I love Texas’s fall sky. The vibrant blue hues, the wispy, cirrus clouds and the fact alone that you can see sky for miles and miles is one of my favorite geographical features of this vertically challenged land.

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it here or not, about how I’ve come to love, err, maybe appreciate is a better word. Yes, how I’ve learned to appreciate this flat land. The old cliché is true, there is beauty in every climate. Of course there are things I don’t like so much – like the way the grass turns brown in the summer and the ground is so hard and cracks open as it begs for water and how winter is mostly overcast or rainy and muddy.

But in the fall, the temps drop into the 80’s, lower 90’s, the kids actually like playing outside more and you can open the windows. At the dawn and eve of each day you can feel a nip in the air. It’s refreshing.

And then there’s the sky.

The sky is clearer and bluer and higher. It’s like the sky has stepped back, releasing it’s lid on the pressure cooker of summer, allowing the land to cool off. It’s cool and hints at the coming of chilly weather. Which after summer, we’re SO ready for.

I recently blogged about not being excited for fall this year. Well, as the temperature dips slightly my yearning for leggings and boots reclaimed it’s rightful home in me like the prodigal. When I step outside I now breathe deep and stretch out the arms of my heart, welcoming in a new season, with gratitude.

I’m so thankful my heart posture is given freedom to change. We don’t stay the same forever.

In case you haven’t noticed, I missed last month’s ‘What I Learned’. Something I started doing exactly a year ago in October. Taken from Emily Freeman’s suggestion to practice looking back each month, seeing what we learned or discovered and sharing about it before moving forward.

I love this practice of noticing life because our days and weeks really fly by so fast. And, if you’re like me, most times it’s easy to get caught up in our plans for the future and quickly forget where we just journeyed from.

I like to imagine I’m like the children of Israel who passed down stories through the generations. And when our children sit on our knee, we have stories to tell them from days of yore. Lessons we learned, the funny things that happened and of course those special memories of things our family did.

Currently I’m thinking it would be better for me to brush a broader stroke. So instead of looking back over a month I would like to cover a quarter or season instead. Taking a larger block of time seems easier to do. A month goes by extremely fast and it’s difficult to see well or grasp God’s movement in a four-week time period.

This might have something to do with the fact that I’m a ENFP on the Myers Briggs personally profiling, (extroverted (E), Intuitive (N), Feeler (F), Perceptive (P) person). These types (extroverted intuitive, all the EN combinations) are big picture thinkers. I can’t see well in small spaces. My brain is constantly taking everything in around me, disphering the overall big picture for connection and meaning. So knowing myself better, hopefully I can server you, my readers better.

Stepping back each quarter feels like a more reasonable chunk of time to glance back over and talk about with you.

All that to say, I plan to come back by the end of the year to reflect on what I’ve learned during the fall. Maybe you can share with me too what your fall was like? I’d love to have you join with me noticing our days!

Happy fall, y’all!

And if you get the chance, come visit me in Texas to experience our gorgeous sky and weather! 

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