Fall Fashion Ideas 

REMEMBER my boot situation a couple of years ago? Will this fall I’m having a sweater situation.

I love the long sweater look. And I’ve been trying to find one that would be perfect as a grab and go outer layer. I already have this cable knit, cream one from Gap.


So I am looking for something different. A different color but not black or brown, brown.

First my idea was a vest type one like this one below. It’s great to layer with but yet it’s too similar to what I already have.

I spied it on Pinterest and feel in love with its cozy look. But I can’t find it at Gap, Old Navy, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Belk, Nordstrom – you name it. I thought maybe Groupdealz would have it but nope. All, in all, I guess that’s fine because I don’t want this exact color and chances are they wouldn’t have color options anyway.

Then, in my Pinterest search I found the utility jacket vest and thought, hummmm…. maybe I could sacrifice the sweater for a jacket. This one’s from Gap.

But if I’m going to do the utility jacket I might as will just do the whole thing with sleeves, right? Plus you can dress them up or dress them down. It would be the perfect thing for any occasion. And they seem kinda timeless too.

What I really wanted was a sweater not a stiff jacket. It’s all about the texture, y’all. (And I’m not totally into the utility green shade either.) I reminded myself to stay focused on the sweater aspect; my original plan.

Now I’m changing my tune and thinking maybe I don’t mind sleeves after all. Besides long sweaters are just about anywhere. Since I already have the thick-ish cream sweater this one needs to be thin and not cream. In Texas weather, the cardigan style would be a great addition to my closet.

Feast your eyes on these cute ones that I also found on Pinterest –

Love this one. Pockets are a plus. From what I can tell, I think the color is fine. I’m thinking I’ll end up buying a light grey.

This one’s lovely too. I’m fine with a hood. I like the long front tails and higher back.

I love this next style and how it drapes a lot. Is that called dusters? The fabric looks so soft and comfy. But dusty rose or soft pink, whatever you call it, is nnnnnnnnnot so much my color. By way of seasons, if you’re into those, I am defiantly not at spring…. (care to guess what I might be?)


Moving on, here’s what Kohl’s tempted me with. I get their discount flyers in the mail and so I like to keep an eye on what they have.

This sweater vest is calling my name. Not to flappy in front. Excessive layers flapping around in front of me would drive me cra-cra. Just saying. I can’t handle a lot of fabric. I’m a simple gal. Therefore, surprise, surprise, I like my clothes simple.  I wish I could get it in another color though, so sadly, sweet sweater vest, you are out. (all the sad eyes e.v.e.r.)

Admire it some more with me a little longer please….. Pretty, pretty cable details. Why can you not be grey?!


Ok moving on, lastly, here’s what I found at Target. Good ol’ Target. My first successful color find at a store I can actually find as well.

But, is it the quality I want? Sometimes I find Target’s clothes to be cheaper and thinner. Do you know what I mean? So I’d prefer trying it on first to see if my search is at its end. Anybody else not always satisfied with Target’s quality? And, would you buy this sweater? Why or why not?


The search for the perfect sweater is real. If I’m going to spend the money, I want it to count and be something I’ll wear forever. Ok, I don’t know about forever but you get my drift. I’m not so much the minimalist but into neutrals and classics that I can mix and match and wear for numerous seasons and stay in style. Does that put me in the capsule wardrobe camp? (click link for good reading on creating a capsule wardrobe if your interested!)

I don’t want to spend $30+ and then next winter put the garment in the garage sale or goodwill pile. I want to make a smart, good quality purchase that will last and hold up well.

I’m on the prowl, people! Now it if would just get chilly enough to where I actually can wear a sweater! 90` is not feeling very fallish… just sayin’.

How about you? Is there something you’ve got to have this fall?
Sweater? Boots? Felt hat?
Or any great deals or tips you found on sweaters for me?
I’d love to hear from you!


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4 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Ideas 

  1. Ha, this is great. I’m actually looking for a lightweight, open front sweater too. Only I want it in cream or ivory. I think that that style would go well with maternity but also work later.


    1. Yes! This so work for a sweater to wear while you’re pregnant. When I was pregnant I used to try to find clothes that I could wear while pregnant and afterwards. It seems like a lot of money to spend on clothes that you only wear for like three or four months!
      If you find one let me know where!


  2. This was a fun read. ☺️ The kohls one is cute and I really liked the one with the hood, also. My fall addition was my flat ankle boots. Trying not to purchase anything else due to my minimalist nature. Oh, except maybe a jacket. I like the utility jacket style.


    1. Hope you really, really, I mean really like your boots! I guess I’m a minimalist in a way too where I want the clothes I buy to be just what I need and wear often.
      I admire the utility jackets but don’t think they are necessarily me. If you ever get a jacket between now and the next time I see you I’d like to try it on! 😉


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