Family Fotos

As falls weather sweeps in and tackles summer, I’m gearing up for all things that take place this time of year.

From digging out long pants, burning yummy candles, planning Cali’s first birthday celebration, to making plans to go home for Thanksgiving and then of course, there’s Christmas to start thinking about too.

As you all know, most of my family and Jason’s brother, Duane and his family reside in gorgeous Pennsylvania. We usually head up there over the holidays and this year it’s Thanksgiving.

As I was saying, one of those things we typically do this time of year is family pictures.  It was sorta a last-minute arrangement. There was no time to run to town and buy new clothes. Even if I would have done a last min shopping trip, I would’ve been clueless knowing where to even begin looking for what I buy. This was so last minute I had no image of what I wanted for our pictures. So I just used what we had. Which wasn’t all bad.

Starting with the kids clothes, I picked out their nicest pieces, brought them to our bedroom and let the coordinating unfold (pun intended).

One thing leads to another, I went from anxiety to hangary (hungry + angry) and ended up finishing off a can of honey seasoned mixed nuts and something else my mind has forever blocked from my memory. Emotional eating, full throttle.

This is soooooooo not my thing. I’d much rather give opinions on your clothing outfits than my own. This situation equaled pure spazzz attack. One thing I have a preference on is that the clothes should match but not be too matchy. It should look a little random yet go well together.

Given the situation, I needed help! So it makes sense why I posted a couple of clothing combinations on Instagram for feedback. It felt risky and a little bit like I was exposing my body in a bikini (something I’m not at all comfortable doing) or like I was letting y’all see the end result before we even started.

I was blown away with the positive response! Thanks to all who responded over there. It was delightful reading your feedback. I even got a couple private messages  from some of my closer friends. Friends, near and far, you are amazing. I am so grateful for all your splendid help to this girl in need! I took almost all of your advise.

Keep reading to see a sneak-peak of our knock-out, presh selves.

The actual scene of taking pictures only lasted about an hour. The kids did well for the most part. I can’t believe how optimistically I went into it only to be startled that my 3 and almost 1-year-old did not simply stand still and smile. #howmybrainworks

Gavin was so energized and silly or maybe showing off is more accurate for a little boy.

And dear Cali was more interested in taking a hike and exploring or mostly taste testing stones. Of all the props I packed along, blocks that spell ONE, a balloon, a pretty pink flower for her hair, not a single one made it on any of her pictures. Pinterest, I have LOTS of questions for you…..

As no surprise to you, all the clothes so tirelessly agonized over ended up in a heap on the floor to be laundered. It’s absurd how clothe stressing lasts longer than the actual photo shoot itself. I have a vision that one day, the kids will sit still and smile their pretty little faces off. But until then we lament and do the best we can to make our kids cooperate.

As most big planned events go, the anxiety leading up to it is like being in the spin cycle in a washing machine. In this case it was pressure to look our best, have cool clothes and hair, and the cutest kids ever, in hopes to receive all the praise and compliments. At some point I have to tell myself, this. is. us. So let’s be us. Not maginze models.

We are not perfect but we are perfectly happy and healthy and over all live a pretty pleasant life. These pictures will represent how we looked in 2016. Thats all. It’s not a competition for cuteness or best Christmas picture card. Mailing out pictures will only end up in their waste baskets in a couple of months. These pictures are most importantly for US. To remember and treasure who we used to be for years to come. And that’s what REALLY MATTERS. the end.


And then, before you know it the photo session is complete and we’re off with friends eating enchiladas and chimichangas at a Mexican restaurant called Cactus, soiling our sought out threads with rice and beans and sweet tea.

It’s just clothes.


If you’re reading this and planning on taking pictures for holiday cards to mail out, may your photo prep and the actual shoot session be filled with little/ish expectations and gallons of grace. May you be content with the results and release all personal judgmental and comparison demons that plague you. XOXO

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how your photo shoot went if you already did one!



As promised, here are the pictures!



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