What I’m Into Lately



Ridiculous, I know. How does one month waltz by so fast?

Cali turns a year old in a week. We’ve had her in our lives for practically a whole year already. The cliché is true – the year is short but the days (and NIGHTS) are long. I’m planning a small party with a cake for her to smash. Over Thanksgiving we fly to Pennsylvania. And, lots of other things are sandwiched in between. This month is promising to be a busy one.

I thought I’d share somethings I’ve been into lately. For long time followers around here, you may remember me doing this randomly in the past. So, it’s time for another post of what I’m into lately + things I love.


// BOOKS //

It’s been a low-key book month for me. There’s so many books for me to read that I own, so I did not let me check out any books at the library during the month of October. Without a due date for a deadline, I’m not getting my books read. But, here is what I’ve been reading this fall.

On Instagram I follow Darling Magazine and the other week I was in a store that happened to have stacks of their magazines for half price. Naturally, I bought one. It’s not a Chrisitany read but it’s ‘good’ and pro woman in a not so strong feminist way. So maybe it’s not for you if grey matter is hard to digest.


I started this book a long time ago and now I’m trying to finish it. None of you do that right? Good book on having conversations that matter with people you care about.



A good read depicting a plane crash from the crash and going backwards. Well, sorta. It weaves back and forth from present to the past. I was really enticed by the way they spin the media. It opened my eyes to how the news today is all about getting the hot story and not so much the truth.



Lysa TerKeurst has a way with words and is so relatable. I love her example stories of times when she felt lonely, left out and less than. Pick this book up if you’re seriously wanting to learn how to live loved.



In my search to find time for God again, several on-line friends recommended this book. I love how the author takes you on a journey with her as she searches for prayer time and close connection with God again now after baby.



As always I need to mention my favs, Sorta Awesome and the Simple Show. I’m pretty sure I recommended them here before.

The Simple Show recently changed up her format and so far I’m enjoying it. Especially her feature on home. Last time, on episode 42, they talked about morning routines and I’m excited to share with you soon my morning routine as well. (Ep 44, Very Married was a good one also)

Sorta Awesome just finished a short informative series on the Syrian refuges. So, so, so interesting! I listened to those episodes distraction free as best I could. The host, Megan Tietz, went along with World Vision to Jordan to experience first hand the Syrian refuge crisis. Her account features interviews with historians and people from the land and actual refugees who relay honest accounts of what the crisis is actually like and doing to their country. I get so confused on this issue by with the American news and don’t feel like it (or wonder if it) really portrays an accurate, honest account.

Also check out Quick to Listen,
Happier with Gretchen Rubin,
Inspired to Action,
Personality Hacker
or The Road Back to You if your interested.
I don’t listen to every episode from these.  Just the titles that sound interesting to me 🙂


// Music //

This is all. My latest Pandora station is Lauren Daigle. I’ve heard her songs before but not until my friend mentioned her personally to me have I taken a second listen. My favorite songs of her’s that speak tenderly to me are Dry Bones and Trust in You.


// Food //

  1. Lately I haven’t been in the cooking mood and we’ve consumed a lot of EGG DISHES. This bacon and spinach one is good. Most of the others I got out of my cookbooks. Try eggs next time you’re unmotivated to make supper!



2. These meatballs are my new favorites. I don’t know about you, but I never really liked meatballs with pieces of onions in them. This recipe is a smooth ball with a delicious sauce on top. Bonus points for severing it like a cupcake!!


3. Recently I posted these pumpkin fiber balls on my Instagram and got a lot of interest so I’m sharing the recipe here as well. You’re welcome 🙂


And, that’s all for now.

Have you experienced anything I recommended? What did you think?
What have you been into?
I always love suggestions!


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2 thoughts on “What I’m Into Lately

  1. Such a fun post, Jolynn, and I’m going to be like you and give Lauren’s music another try at a friend’s suggestion. 🙂 🙂

    What I’ve been into lately is cucumber lemongrass tea. I’m surprised myself, but it’s the best tea I’ve found since I can’t drink peppermint. Yay!


    1. I pressure to like Lauren’s music dear! But check out Dry Bones first if you can. And lemon grass tea sounds like a restaurant I know…. Glad you found it and glad it’s agreeable with you! I’m not much of a hot tea drinker.


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