How I Became OK With My Mornings – Part 1 on Mornings Routines



I’m excited to talk about my morning routine with you! You might recall I mentioned it in my last post. This will be Part 1 in a 2 part series. As I began writing it keep getting longer and longer and I know short posts are easier to digest.

First I need to write about how I arrived with my routine before sharing the actual routine. For so long I was flying by the seat of my pants, something very natural and not at all surprisingly easy for me as it might be for you. That is how I roll. I’m an ENFP and this mostly has to do with the F (feelings) and the P (perceiving) combination (how I go about doing things) for my fellow Myers-Briggs friends. (Hi MB fans! Yay!)

The bloggers and podcasters I follow have talked numerous times about their mourning routines. How they get up early and get there work done – bam-bam and usher their kids off to school – yay, hurrah, yadda-yadda! Each day they go through the same motions, every morning, all week-long. They explain mornings to be the most productive hours. The golden hours they say. 

A piece of me wanted that. Even though I’m not very structured, I wanted to have some frame to hang my mornings on. There were a few things that I wasn’t getting time for and it bothered me.

I was tired of waking up to my day and not for it.  I was at a place with my children’s ages were I was actually able to do more provided I wore the intentional hat. I wanted more out of my mornings. More productivity for what I cared about. Cali finally was mostly sleeping through the night and I was rested enough and able to get up earlier.

The missing ingredients I longed for were reading my bible, journaling and blogging uninterrupted. Reading and writing are best done in blocks of time. It’s not something you can multitask and still do well. Have you heard of a Makers schedule verses a Manager schedule? All I want to say about that is writing is on a Makers schedule. Google it if you want more info.

So I realized that I had to, had to, HAD TO get up earlier to accomplish what I wanted.  While it was still quiet. There seemed no other way, this pure bred night owl simply had to evolve into an early bird. I understood this needed no Einstein formula or Darwinian theory for results. In short, I had to pull my weary bones out of the sack earlier.

And, I knew it was not going to be easy. 

Being frustrated with the ebb actually aided in finally waking up determined for flow to exist. And with that dawn I knew it would cost me my mornings. I was at a place where I wanted it, the place where I was mildly excited, small sparks occurring, about getting up early to make my goals happen. And for me I discovered I have to be excited about something in order to do it.

I finally found my want to. 

 The next day was Friday. Not caring, (since one day is basically the same and as good as any other) I set my alarm from 6:30. The next morning I got up. It was glorious. As it turns out, I’m not allergic to early mornings after all. Who knew!

Then each morning after that I really tried to get up early but it became soooooooooooo hard. I’m telling you!

When I set my alarm either I had a difficult night with one of my children or both. Cali would be in our bed that morning and would wake up as soon as she felt me slip away. Or if I did sneak successfully out of bed, as soon as I started numbly stirring around the house she’d wake up and impede my mission. A couple of times in there Gavin woke early and had wet his bed or just woke early and was lying on the couch since 5am. It was ridiculous.

I became so frustrated. It seemed like fate was working against me. Why couldn’t I get it together like them. I’m a blogger too after all! (wow, did I just really say that? Am I a real blogger? shush! insecurities…) Why, oh why, was this morning routine not panning out?  Why do I feel like I have to fight so hard for this? For my time!?

This brings you up to about a week ago. Me going through this season of inner turmoil and dissatisfaction with how my mornings were not happening as I hoped and how my podcasters mentioned theirs were happening. 

There were mornings where I got up at 6:30. There were mornings were I got up at 7:15. Sometimes I read my bible. Other times I wrote in my journal or I blogged. I was not ok with every morning being different.

As it turns out, in the middle of my mental hot mess, my mornings eventually figured themselves out and I settled into a little routine. I didn’t see it at first. Once I finally realized that my life looks different from my role models, I became ok with it.
I became ok with me.
I became ok with my life and all the randomness it chooses it send my way. 

With this new awareness of each morning being different, it told me I can’t control and plan my mornings to a schedule. So if I set my alarm for 6:30 and Cali wakes up at 7:30 I need to be ok with the amount of work I got done and not condemn myself for not getting up even earlier or getting more accomplished than I did, etc. In order to experience joy and contentment, I need to accept what each morning brings my way.  

By not accepting circumstances I was resenting my accomplishments whether it be a mass or meager amount. A heart not at peace when starting the day, and I’m mostly talking here about after the kids are awake, i.e. parenting, sets me up for failure. As in a short patience stack and shortage of good judgment skills. 

When I’m irritated at myself, I tend to be irritated at the world.

When my hearts at peace, the world receives a more peaceful me. <insert happy face>

As this contemplation began to take residence in my soul, I became increasingly satisfied with the amount of quiet time I had in the mornings and the expectation to look a certain way.

Peace can reign within if we lower our expectations and accept the life right in front of us as sacred and enough.

Don’t miss my actual routine next time!

How about you?
Have you ever experienced a situation where you were not satisfied with your results because they didn’t look like somebody elses?
I’d love to hear about it or any tips and tricks you discovered along the way!


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