Morning Routine – Part 2


This is part 2 in my morning routine posts. Part 1 was How I became ok my routine and part 2 is what my routine is.

Ready to think about what makes a productive morning for you? Let’s jump in!



For starters, my routine is not intimidating at all. I’m not this task master, power woman with my time and chop-chop around the house at 5am. I. could. never.

And I’m quite ok with that.

Err — quite ok with me is more like it. haha.

So, if you’re a bit easy-going and open to possibilities yet wanting more out of your mornings, which is your day, which ultimately becomes your life, then keep reading and find comfort in my virtual arms. 🙂

What I would like to share with you is more than just my early quite time. In part 1 I unpack how I fought for that space in my day to accomplish solitary reading and writing; things that weren’t getting done without extra effort. My morning routine also continues into dishes and laundry and stuff like that.


To begin with, think about that very first thing you do when you open your eyes. What is the first thing you do? Do you grab your phone? Check social media? Lay in bed for a while? Read a devotional thingy (or the bible) on your phone while still in bed? Go to the kitchen and grab coffee or water or maybe juice? Walk to the bathroom? Get dressed?

Starting with that very, very first thing you do. That thing is so important. I believe it can set you up for a pass or fail day. 

There was a time when I’d grab my phone and scroll through Facebook and instagram first thing. As I laid in bed! It was mindless and a bad habit. And, dear friend, that is not setting a good relationship for me and my phone for the day. At all! From there on out, usually I was glued to my phone all. day. long.

And I really, really do NOT like that. I’m guessing you don’t either. I even started leaving my phone charging on the kitchen counter at night so I don’t have that temptation to scroll on my phone before I sleep and then in the mornings my phone isn’t easy accesses when I wake up either.

My habits are to let light in the living room by opening the blinds, selectively choose a mug, fill it with water and then either read or write.

I get up usually around 7am, which is about an hour before the kid arouse. There are mornings where I wish I got up earlier and sometimes I actually do but most days it around 7am.

The other week wrote first thing. It’s a good practice and discipline if you’re a writer and like to process with pen and paper.

Sometimes I don’t know what to write or where to even start writing but usually after I began words started flowing. There are times when I’m done I can’t believe how lame and shallow I sound. If a stranger read this they’d think I was a high schooler – not a mother of two.

But the point is not to write a best seller. The point is to practice writing. And it’s a good way to brain dump all the things swirling around up there and bring them in for a landing.

If I don’t feel like writing, I’ll read my bible first thing. Which usually stirs up eagerness for journaling more often than not afterwards.

If I’m trying to get a blog post published, I’ll work on that first and end up writing after my kids wake up for as long as they’ll let me – and without a doubt they’ll let me know when I need to stop. 😉

I try to make sure the first thing I consume is a glass of water. It’s a good way to wake up my body. Better than pouring coffee first in my system, I say. So while I’m writing or reading I’m drinking water from my mug which will later serve me coffee.

If my belly won’t stop growling I’ll eat cereal, take my vitamins and usually by then my mug is empty and hungry for coffee a well.




By this time it’s 8 o’clock-ish and the kids are stirring. Usually I finish up whatever it is I’m doing then because it’s full on snuggles (or chasing) and morning chatter with the toddlers. Both my kids don’t eat right away so I don’t have to make food first thing when they get up which is nice. 

Shortly afterwards I shower and get dressed. While in my room I must make my bed before exiting. It’s one of the checks I created for myself to establish good habits. Making my bed doesn’t take long but it didn’t always happen. I feel like my bedroom could be messy-ish but if the bed is made it makes the room look and feel so much neater. 

Every morning I wash my face. I’m a real stickler with that. I’ve done it probably since I was in middle school I imagine and I still use the same old thing, Mary Kay products. Though lately I’ve been experimenting with other cheaper options to save some cash. But honestly, I really love Mary Kay and just bought their 3-1 face wash and moisturizer again.

Also, I don’t let myself do the dishes or start the laundry until I’m dressed. It’s my other check. Washing my face is part of getting dressed for me. I wash my face, pop in my contacts and brush my teeth, then get dressed and make my bed.

I don’t like getting dressed if I’m just going to be at home. I don’t know about you, but I love my pajamas. Before I’d be in pjs till 10 or well after. While that is nice it also is grimy feeling to be slouchy all whatever. Getting dressed, as hard of a habit that was to create, really does help me feel more ready and motivated for my day. Bonus points if you actually put sock and shoes on. Bam!

And that’s basically it. From there on out it dishes, laundry, feed the kids, get them dressed, play outside and on and on it goes. 



So that’s my morning routine -> at this stage with two toddlers. 

What’s yours like? Do you get up before the kids?

What do you make time for in that quiet space? 

Have you ever written first thing when you got up? 

I’d love to have this discussion with you on mornings and what works for you.
Please share your tips and tricks you’ve found helpful along the way!


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