Best 6 books of 2016

Yesterday I shared books that I read for the MMD’s reading challenge in 2016. Honestly I believe that challenge is what supported my larger than normal tally of books read this past year. It has been the most books I have read in an entire year. EVER. And, you guys, it makes me purely giddy. I love that I love books.

In 2016 I read and completed 26 books, yo!

I started logging all the books I read. I have this planter I got from my husband’s work; a freebie from one of his suppliers. It has big boxes for the days in each month where I can write what we did – if we something anyway. On the side margins where it says notes I track books I read and things I learned in that month or what stuck out to me most also blog post ideas. On Mondays I’d often write my list for the week. It’s been a lot of fun to go back over now at the end of the year and see what we did and how much we’ve changed since then – especially the kids.

See, here’s the deal. I have watched so many YouTube videos on the blessed bullet journal and read I don’t how many blogs and they all are using them and make it sound so easy and nice but I’m sorry. For my ENFP (monkey) mind that is just WAY too much writing and carrying items over and way too super complicated. Yet it looks pretty and I like the leather journal thing.

I need simplistic. I need simple. I need easy. And so freebe calendars from my husband’s suppliers at work are the best and most perfect thing out there for me. Plus, I’m very happy. Which is what it’s all about. I hope this gives you permission to do things your way and not the way that everybody else tells you need to do it. Do what works for you and be happy about it in the end. Ok. End of non-book-related-rant.

Looking in my Be-Uuuuu-Ti-Ful planner from 2016, here are the top books, my best ones, and ones that just reading the title makes little hearts float out of my eyeballs.

  1. The kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom
    This book is based on the US slave era. A lot of the narration was from the slaves perspective and it totally had me feeling for them the whole way through. It bit hard to digest at some points but overall a really, really fast read.
  2. Before the Fall by Noah Hawley
    Don’t judge a book by its cover. I know this is written by a guy and it screams guy novel. But this book opened my eyes to how the media is wrongly portraying ‘news’. A story about a plane crash that works is self backwards from the crash to keep you in suspense. Great story telling. Great characters. It will keep you turning pages and make you agitated at how the US spins the news.

  3. The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
    My first book read by her. I loved this book so much and the end killed me. As in I was squawking out loud on the floor furiously flipping pages. Her books are long but this one is worth blocking out a couple of days for. I read Lake House next and couldn’t get into it. It was too long and full of unnecessary details.


  4. Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst
    Lisa walks you through what we do with our feelings and emotions during and post rejection. Rejection is something all of us have experienced in one way or another and her book is written from the most caring, loving and encouraging perspective. Her stories are honest and tellings which connects you to her over arching message – Live Loved.

  5. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
    I don’t have much to say about this book but it chalked full of stories and research which opened my eyes to how I live my daily life. Habits are the stuff that make my daily life – my routines, my involuntary actions. Read this book if you’re looking to change or do things differently.

  6. Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly
    The front cover couldn’t be further from the truth. It is not about three girlfriends. At all. In fact that are all living three separate lives. One is a Pole at Ravenbrūck, one a doctor at Ravenbrūck and one is state side working for the French orphans. Each of their stories tells the gripping reality of WWII. You won’t want to put this one down though it is a bit gruesome at some places.I have 6 books on hold at the library right now and three e-books on hold on my phone so it’s safe to say I’m enthusiastically looking forward to reading in 2017!!!

    What are you reading lately?
    Remember to take time to read this month!


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4 thoughts on “Best 6 books of 2016

  1. Enjoyed hearing what you read! Now I wish that I had written down all the books that I read in 2016! I’ve been on nonfiction kick for awhile. Reading American Heiress now.


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