For the Mom’s


Come on in. 

If you are a mom who is weary from training, lonely and needing a friend, wanting adult conversation.

If you are feeling shut in, bound by four walls, unable to be all of you, tired from self-kicking shame, you are welcome here.

If you are feeling alone and forgotten, unappreciated and unnoticed and not good enough, we hold the door open wide for you.

You are not alone.

Can I offer a few soft words of encouragement to you today? 

This Friday, this day, at the end of your week. I don’t know what your week was like but may I offer you some quiet hope.
Come join our huddle of hearts where truth is whispered, life is stirred and choices are made to believe with mustard seed faith that we are none of our short comings, but seen, sought after and singled out by a relentless lover.

A God who sees you with blinding amazing grace. You are covered.
Softly the truth echoes inside your soul each day.

Can you hear it. It’s power is mind-freeing, mind-blowing, mind-altering. 

You are not boring, a mess, ugly or mean. You are not hopeless, to far gone or just like your mom.

God made you beautiful, friendly, kind and gracious and gives you a shiny hope for tomorrow.

Friend, know your mistakes do not define you. Know your failures are not the sum of you, are not what people think of you or more importantly how God views you.

God’s grace is enough for every, awful corner of you. He specifically choose you for  your exact children and he is passionately nuts about completing his good work in you.

Your past regrets do not define you. God’s mercies are new each and every morning. A fresh start. A chance to start over. Can you accept this gift from God, today?
You are broken and beautiful. You are worthy of being called mother and through God’s spirit, which is most alive in you, you have what it takes, mom.

You’re the best mom in the world.


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