What’s Saving My Life Right Now

Piggy-backing off of The Lazy Genius, who piggy-backed off of Modern Mrs Darcy, I am sharing with you all “What’s Saving My Life Right Now”.

Because we are half way through winter. And, I honestly have no idea what that means in Texas because today was in the 80’s. Some days are 50-ish degrees and over cast and that is pretty rotten weather for a winter. For us down here, it’s 50% lovely and in the 70’s and then the other half of the time it’s windy, damp, sunless and under-your-skin nippy.


So, here’s my perky list.


  1. Quick Easy Suppers. Right now I’m so tired of making supper. It’s like a funk that comes an goes and right now it has come and parked it’s self. For instance, we had spaghetti for supper tonight and last night pulled BBQ chicken over baked potatoes and the other day crock pot meals twice in a row. See what I mean. Simple. It’s making my life right now easy-peesy.
  2. My Vacuum Hose. I’m telling you guys! It’s my biggest secret, well, it’s not really a secret but more a tip! Our main living area in our house is tile and laminate flooring, which I am unashamedly not used to. I grew up in carpeted houses. Ok, not the dinning room or kitchen mind you, but living rooms had carpet! So dirt at my house in my previously mentioned flooring situation, literally SWIRLS around the house. And brooming it just blows it around even more. Grrr! So, enter the vacuum hose! Whaa-laaa! He’s my best friend these days.
  3. My Dryer. Hanging the laundered clothes out the wash-line in the morning makes doing laundry take ALL DAY. Can I get an “amen!”? After hanging it outside, I usually end up forgetting about it until supper, then get it in and after supper fold it. It’s an all day affair. So some days, when duty calls, I use my maid the Dryer! And, people! The laundry is can be finished by lunch! It’s the best feeling EVER! Use your dryer friends > with no shame!
  4. My Sneakers! Yes, I started wearing them all day. It makes running in and out with kids, that run in and out of the house all day, so much easier. I’m always ready. Just give me a sec to lace up!
  5. My Girl.  She’s just about 15 months and in that busy, not talking yet, gets-a-kick-out-disobeying stage. That’s code for {she’s naughty but too cute to make me mad}. She is a lot of fun and a lot of work. She plays hard and come nap time I love rocking her for like 10 minutes and she’s out. She’s my snuggle buddy, my foodie friend, and could live outside even on the cold days. She makes me happy and I treasure holding her in this season because every day she’s getting a little older and then these days will be gone.
  6. Reading books on my phone. It’s the best way to get reading done. Wherever you go you always have a book with you! Currently reading on my phone, What Alice Forgot. Have you read it?
  7. Taking Walks. It gets me outside and fresh air. Sometimes it’s hard to take a walk because there’s always 1,000,001 things that need to be done INside. Sometimes it’s even hard to go outside and play with the kids because of so much to be done in the house. And if your kids are like mine they’re always begging me to come out and play with them or “come and see my ……..” So when I get the chance I try to take a walk through our little town at least 3x per week. 

What’s saving your life right now? I’d love to hear in the comments!



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2 thoughts on “What’s Saving My Life Right Now

  1. These are so fun to hear from you and to think of! Some of mine are the sunshine 🔅, my baby boy 👶, the recliner (for my back while feeding Baby P🍼), hot showers 🚿, and God’s grace 🙌. I’ve been reading/listening to Joan Didion’s, The Year of Magical Thinking, on my phone!


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