Jesus + Guac (and a surprise for you)

It’s Thursday.

Do your weeks fly by as fast as mine?

Somehow it’s Thursday. Again. And I know in my soul I HAVE to get the cleaning done.
I mean it’s Thursday and I need to at least start. Because there are distractions.
Not quite.
There WILL BE DISTRACTIONS and suddenly it will be Saturday (again) and the bathroom still stinks, the sheets are still not washed, the floors still filthy. ect. etc. ect….

     The other day Jason and I had this annoying, longer than necessary discussion about our ages. To top it off he withheld the super he was making me until I could verbalize his correct age. I was practically yelling I was so annoyed. (I don’t yell. I’m nice)

Did I forget to mention that I hate numbers.

I thought he was kidding around with me saying I was wrong. See the problem was that I didn’t have my age right and so therefore I was off a year on his age.

My friend just turned 32 the other day and I was going to write on her Facebook wall, “Now you’re as old as me” but it slipped my mind. Lucky for me because that’s not how old I am.

After much unessary deliberation I painstakingly calculated (remember I hate math) the year of his birth to 2017 and finally came up with his exact age. My checks might have been warm and pink by the time I ate my cold food.


 One of my favorite snacks right now is guacamole. I have to remind myself when I whip up a bowl I’m not supposed to eat the whole dish. It’s simple to make. Avocado, tomato, and a little onion, cilantro, salt and lemon juice. Bam.

Jesus + guac, y’all.

What else could you need? Oh, right. Chips!



   My children have been taking little to nil naps lately. Luckily today, the stars aligned and they are both sleeping past four PM!


These are the days I wonder howintheworld my life will flow with baby number three. I’ve already made a pre-agreement with fall 2017.

Hello fall. I know you’ll be hard.

Then a friend told me that adding baby three didn’t upset the fruit basket much.

A glimmer of hope.

I like things that shine.



  • Cali will squeeze your head of when you hold her
  • Gavin can now put his socks, shoes and zipper his coat. This is a time saver
  • Cali is at a really good eating stage
  • They ‘can‘ play really nice in the same room
  • Gavin is very protective of Cali
  • I like the way Gavin’s face lights up when he learns something or a new concept
  • Gavin loves going away and almost every morning asks where we’re going today
  • Cali says a total of 5 words. Mama. Da. Again. Bye-bye. Hey or Hi.



 I was standing at the sink when I glanced over at my kids. There was Cali sitting on the floor spilling her chocolate milk and splashing in it. At the table sat Gavin who had more than once made a mess with his food and was now licking it off the table per his mother’s request. It was one of those days where everything was just too much.

Everywhere I stepped there was a sticky spot on the floor. The window sills had dead mosquitoes and bugs laying on them. There are spiderwebs in the corners. The bathroom, well, you know how bathrooms get. There was not a window or mirror that didn’t have a smear or smudge smiling back at me.

Have you ever been there? Suddenly all you have to do is piling up and your patience is thinning. Your mood is far but nice and your kids are wreaking havoc faster than you can keep up and they seem to be enjoying it to the fullest.

Thankfully we don’t stay in those moments forever. They are just that. Moments.

The deeper in the tunnel of crazy I go, the more I’m realizing I’m a mom. I am a bonafide, ligit mother.


“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m a mom.” gulp!



As I was saying… (in case you din’t catch on)



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4 thoughts on “Jesus + Guac (and a surprise for you)

  1. YAY!!! #3, tie breaker = BABY! Congratulations! Yes, I remember those days. One day or moment at a time is the best way to take it and find joy in the mundane somehow. I miss the cute antics of the children like I see yours doing on the pics. Keep on, for you’re doing well!


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