Happy Mother’s Day!



ME: Do you want chocolate milk or a milkshake?

Gavin: (starting to whine) I don’t want it coooolllllld.

ME: So you want chocolate milk?

G: But I can share it. (sounding hopeful)

ME: I don’t think I want any chocolate milk. Thanks though.

G: But God says sharing is goooooooood. (extra emphasis on the word good)

ME: It is and thanks for asking. You asked me to share and I said ‘no thanks’ so you get to drink the chocolate milk all by yourself. You lucky duck, you! (trying to brag up the chocolate milk)

G: (entering break-down and lack of comprehension mode) But I wanna share it!

ME: Maybe Cali will share it with you or daddy. How about that? (feeling desperate to make something sound like a winner) Or if you can’t drink it all we can put it in the fridge for another time for you to finish it.

G: (crying) Nnnnoooooooooo!!!

ME: Ok, or not! Let’s just make you some chocolate milk buddy! What color cup do you want? (frantic to change the subject and move on!)


SHE is currently covered in itchy poison assumed contacted from the dog. With the help of prescribed ointment its drying up fast. She has a stubborn splinter in her big toe, an itchy bug bite on the other and a boo-boo under her right foot. As soon as she could walk she climbed ladders. Now that we have bunk beds I’m convinced we are aiding in her first broken bone.

She hugs my neck fiercely, eats with great enthusiasm and pleasure, says bye-bye all day long, and can be caught looking at books (or tearing them) when she’s quiet. I love her passion. Quick wide smile and sense of adventure.

These two little humans made me a mother. For life.

I laugh when I spy the olive oil (of all things) rolling around on the back patio, bath toys in the freshly constructed mud puddle, guilty fingers in the peanut butter jar, random shoes, toys and pillows strangled in the sheets, and the first time the screen was busted out because ‘we’ are going to play resturant.

My heart melts when she comes to me with hair over her eyes, full of serious conversation in gibberish. When I see the clear, innocent bright light in her eyes. When he strikes up a thoughtful conversation in a new, slightly deeper level, chocolate eyes wide. I go all soft inside when he brings me a yellow weed flower, takes a nap holding my hand, sings while playing and when he loves to be involved in the kitchen and asks, “I know what! Let’s make cookies.” For his birthday he was more excited about his firetruck cake then presents.

It’s the little things.


How to Be a mom in 2017: (you may have seen this on Facebook)

Make sure your children’s academic, emotional,  physiological, mental, spiritual, physical, nutritional, and social needs are met while being careful not to overstimulate, understimulate, improperly medicate, helicopter, or neglect them in a screen free, processed food free, GMO free, negative energy free, plastic free, body positive, socially conscious, egalitarian but also authoritative, nurturing but fostering of independence, gentle  but not overly permissive, pesticide free two-story multilingual home, preferably in a cul-de-sac and a backyard with 1.5 siblings spaced at least two years apart for proper development also don’t forget the coconut oil.

How to be a mom in literally every generation before ours: Feed them sometimes.

I think of the last part of that quote often. And on days when I’m swamped with relentless household duties, low energy and tons of mom guilt for just about everything I’m convinced I’m doing wrong and I’m such a sinner because honestly my kids bring up all my junk and issues. I remember I’m a good mom as long as I feed my kids sometimes. It makes my heart smile big and I feel free.

Snuggle your little ones extra long today! You’re doing a good job being mom whether you believe it or not and your kids love you more then you know!

Happy Mother’s Day, dear mammas!


And don’t forget to feed those little munchkins sometimes 😉


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