I Spy… the Perks

Sometimes being a mother at home with two kids 4 and under + one in utero, can be wearisome. Like you get nothing done. Have nothing to show for your day. And somehow it’s 4 o’clock and you have zero supper plans… again.

But I’d like to focus on the good side. Because it’s there. It’s mixed in with the ugly and needs practice at uncovering. Like Gavin’s library I Spy book. It’s easy to be negative and whinny when the husband comes home or spaz about the annoying little behaviors of your irrational sweet peas to your fellow friends. 

I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer. You know what I mean jelly bean? Somewhere in the middle is holding the reality of life’s difficulties and being in awe of its nuances. 

And so I give you:

The Perks of Being a Mom Today

  1. Potty training at home means I can let my child run around naked or in panties or in her swim suit all day. This is also a perk of living in a quiet and for the most part not a lot of traffic or street walkers neighborhood.

2. I can work on my tan. Yes, I allow myself the privilege of mowing the yard in my bathing suit. {Take into consideration the dets on our neighborhood above}

3. We can eat whenever we want. I’m discovering with little ones they prefer the idea of grazing. It’s not uncommon to make pancakes and they eat them throughout the morning. Currently I’m staring at two plates of chicken nuggets. It’s past lunch and they will make the perfect snack for after naps!

Also, I can eat whenever I want. Who says you have to eat 3 square meals? I’ve heard so often grazing is better for you. Today at 10:53 I had my lucnh because I was hungry. We eat werid around here. And it’s ok. Someday I will have older, scheduled kids with school to keep us in line but for now. We live. We eat. We’re merry.

What’s on you’re perk list?



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