When You Don’t Know Where to Start


Do the work that’s right in front of you.


Dear fellow mammas, ever get those feelings there’s so much to do that you don’t know where to start?

Sometimes I’m looking around my house and thinking…

I should do the dishes, but first I have to empty the dishwasher, and the floor hasn’t been washed in over a week. I need to sweep it and mop it. And if I mop the kitchen I must, must do the bathroom and this time get behind the door and toilet for sure. No quick job this time! And then I must do the living room floor too since Cali’s had so many accidents in there by now. It needs a proper washing. I need to vacuum. Oh dear, look at that couch. It needs a good shampoo. At least get the bigger, noticeable stains out is what I should do. And this coffee table is sticky again. Could Cali please stop shaking juice out of her sippy cup?! I should just fill a bucket of soapy water and it wash down because I could do the dinning room table legs as well. Also the glider could use washing and I must shampoo that thing too. It used to be white…………..

Like I said. Where to start?

And then somewhere this concept came to me. Like a little butterfly fluttering around, daintily landing on my ear. It released its magical tidbit of wisdom and disappeared.

Do the work right in front of you. 

One thing. Just do it. It’s better than doing nothing. Don’t stress about doing it 110% or what to do next. More than likely you’ll be interrupted anyway.

Do it. That one thing. Right in front of you.

It’s not lazy or skimping or shameful.

It’s brilliant. It’s progress and it’s productive.

Big picture mammas get a sense of all the things needing to be done. We see the overwhelming huge set of tasks un-accomplished. And then the details bog us down. The nitty-gritty how-tos overpower us and we freeze. It’s too much. Defeatists in our minds, so we never. even. start.

It’s hard work being a person, y’all. Let alone a mom. Let alone the person who takes care of the house. Stop the crazy self talk. Stop being overwhelmed. You are your biggest critic. Give yourself permission to not accomplish all the things today and just focus on that one thing right in front of you.

For right now.

While you have this one minute in front of you.

You might discover a new freedom.

And, a happier you.




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3 thoughts on “When You Don’t Know Where to Start

  1. Awesomeness!! I’ve just recently tried adopting this methodology without the complications of having kids and it has done much to encourage me! Thanks!!


  2. (high five) I hear ya. Yes, get on with some kind of a program and exercise patience with everyone, including yourself. Many times I hear myself say, “Just do it!”


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