Glimpsing God’s Parent Heart 

I wrote this back in May. I’m sharing it to encourage and inspire you today in your parenting journey. It’s been an inspiration to me rereading it and thinking about how God has a parent heart just like us. Wishing you patience on your mothering journey today!

There I lay, tears streaming down my face soaking the pillow cover. My 18 month old daughter’s chubby arm squeezing my neck tight. It had been quite the day between me and her. And now she was holding me tight. Wanting me. Secure in my love.

At that moment it truly sank in my soul – God loves me like I love her – as much as I love her. As much as I am devoted to and struggle with my child, God cares for and wants me just the same. Yet even more.

So many emotions can be emitted in one day. I’m happily snuggling my babies in the morning and then later I’m busy and annoyed at their distractions, fuss and whining. I’m watching my kids play nicely outside with pride puffing inside me and then ready to scream when all the mac & cheese is carelessly flicked on the floor with mischievous grins.

As our father, God is crazy about us, believes in us, wants us to thrive and sees us becoming the best versions of ourselves.

As a mother, I would do anything for my children, fight, bleed, take a bullet, put myself in their place. I want them to succeed, mature, personally know Jesus and care for and about others around them.

God looks at us and see us becoming. Growing. Developing.

As a mother I look at my children and see them becoming. Growing. Developing.

Does God ever struggle with us? Become frustrated in our disobedience? Get so angry he has to leave the room? Is He wanting us to just get over it already? To grow up? I’m honestly not sure. But I know his patience is endless and his heart is long suffering to which I’m grateful and can rest assured of his faithfulness to never leave us.

God grants us grace. Unconditional love. I am underserving of this wild acceptance of me, a wild sinner, but he loves me anyway. Always.

To my babies, I will love them always, as God always loves me. Tonight in my tears, hot breath and silent cries to not wake my baby pressed into me, it sunk in a little bit more.

How deep the fathers love is for us. No matter what.



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