Just for You From the Dancer


You are not going to believe this but the weather here in Texas has cooled off to the lower 90's. In August! The reportedly hottest month of the year. And, y'all! That's ten degrees and it makes all. the. difference.

You're not going to believe this either. This morning I slipped into sweats and a sweater. I felt a little nippy under my skin and was craving cozy. The temperature was actually in the 80's when I checked. Defiantly sweater weather. Don't judge the Texans!

My kids played outside most of the morning. Haven't done that in a month or more.

And did I fail to mention it's been overcast the past two days? Well, that contributes to cooler feeling weather as well.

The kiddos entertaining each other outside gave me the perfect chance to finish up something new I've been dreaming about for months, maybe even a year or longer. Eeekkk!!

I'm so excited to share this with you!

I've had this vision of starting a monthly newsletter of sorts to send out to all my e-mail subscribers. (If you would like to be included, please subscribe to this blog on the right sidebar.) In my newsletter I'll offer in a little bit more of a secluded place more of what's happening around here, what I'm into that's so phenomenally amazing I just gotta share with my closer gathered gals plus some ideas and inspiration I can't keep to myself. You know, girlfriend stuff.

I'd love to include you in this special treat!

Please sign up and welcome to my inner huddle on the dance floor!


-the dancer




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2 thoughts on “Just for You From the Dancer

  1. Jolynn,
    This is one of your best ideas yet!! Please definitely keep me “0n the dance floor!” I can’t wait to see the first newsletter come out! 😉


    Liked by 1 person

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