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Hi, I’m Jolynn Friesen! I live in small town, Texas, USA. I dance with my two boys; husband, Jason and 4 year old son, Gavin and our little girl, Cali who’s two and our newest son, baby Miles.

A transplant all 1500 miles from Pennsylvania. That is a blog series all in its self. I share a little bit of my story HERE. After saying ‘Yes’ to dating I moved 8 months later to the Land of the Sun to be closer and continue college. After saying ‘I Do’ I completely transitioned and made Texas my home.

I’m an enthusiast 7 on the Enneagram and a MyersBriggs ENFP. An idealist, dreamer, planner, free-spirited individual who loves making connections with people and having meaningful, inspiring conversations filled to the brim with contagious laughter.

Do you feel like you know me a little now? 😉

So, this blog, friend, is the perfect place for you to, think, mull over, giggle and be inspired by and say “Me too!” I include affiliate links to Amazon and the occasional product reviews as well for you to easily fill your life with all the awesomeness I’ve found in the world!
dancing mama

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WHY I BLOG? This mommying thang ain’t always easy but let’s aim to at least enjoy the dance!




2 thoughts on “meet the dancer

  1. Jolynn,

    Congrats again on your marriage! I am really happy for you! It is so good to see you so happy, and I know you are having a great time living in Texas. We all miss you here at LFF, but I am sure you are doing what God has called you to do! I am not sure if I ever told you but I really enjoyed working with you and I am glad we became friends! You are a great influence and your words are very refreshing and inspirational. Keep in touch with me, and I love love love your blog!


  2. I thought we were moving to Texas about 7 years ago, but then at the last minute, my husband chose Kentucky for his graduate work. Texas was too hot and too far from home (KY). The day we moved to our new apartment on a seminary campus in KY it was hot, hot, hot. I tell people that God let me move to KY, but he gave me TX weather – I think he has a sense of humor. My sister lives in TX and I have visited a few times, other than the heat, it is pleasant.


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