Hackberry Hatchery

    One thing that gives me joy more than anything is planning exciting things. I love planning fun new experiences. If it’s spontaneous – an added bonus! I get a high thinking about the next thing to do regardless if I follow through with it or not. For me it literally is the thought … More Hackberry Hatchery

About Letting Go

I have the exciting new privilege of writing for Waco Mom’s Blog, y’all!!  October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month and for WMB I wrote about my own experience with a miscarriage. I’ve never shared my experience anywhere on the internet before now. It was almost three years ago and getting the story out … More About Letting Go

Puffy Paint Activity

I was asked by Education.com to do a review on one of their preschool activities. And, since it is October and fall and pumpkin spice and Halloween month, why not paint pumpkins? Yay! Because I’m not predictable or ordinary and have trouble thinking inside the box, I bought foam pumpkins from the dollar tree and … More Puffy Paint Activity

Baby Three!

He’s here! My little nugget – Miles Xander! The precious third child we anticipated, theorized and wondered about for so long! The first few days of life, this dear wee one had such a hard time waking up. And unlike the other two prior, he’s not an aggressive eater. It leaves me worried that he … More Baby Three!