100% Balloons

Ideas. My brain is full of them. Like a sack filled with bouncing helium balloons. My skull is stretched tight. Focusing on what’s around me is the difficult part when I’m bouncing off the ceiling. Any advise to this ENFP? Any ideas for this lady already on an idea overload? Or maybe you want to plan a beach day with me? Or lets swap games for 3 yr olds! Ha! I think I’m a lose cause….… More 100% Balloons

Life After

  THE FIRST THING I NOTICED was our house smelled funny. Second, it was stiffly warm. And lastly, it had been over taken by an entire village of spiders and bugs. Critters still being squished today. Our house was just there as we pulled into the drive, home from the airport. It represented our old life. People we… More Life After