Family Fotos

As falls weather sweeps in and tackles summer, I’m gearing up for all things that take place this time of year. From digging out long pants, burning yummy candles, planning Cali’s first birthday celebration, to making plans to go home for Thanksgiving and then of course, there’s Christmas to start thinking about too. As you all … More Family Fotos

Fall Fashion Ideas 

REMEMBER my boot situation a couple of years ago? Will this fall I’m having a sweater situation. I love the long sweater look. And I’ve been trying to find one that would be perfect as a grab and go outer layer. I already have this cable knit, cream one from Gap. So I am looking for … More Fall Fashion Ideas 

Adding Sugar 

It happened when I practiced adding sugar to my words. It’s true getting loud and mean doesn’t make kids listen or move any faster. If anything it gives them power because mom’s out of control. When we speak sweetly, they respond happily. When I flip my lid, I hope it’s over something pretty big that deserves the serious … More Adding Sugar 

A Soul’s Hurricane

“I didn’t put any deodorant on!” I announced as we pulled out of the hotel parking lot. Jason just checked us out for our hotel room at the beach on Galveston Island and we were on our way to the sand and waves. I absolutely love the beach and earlier was beginning to get anxious summer would fly … More A Soul’s Hurricane