Falling Behind + 5 Things

For the days when you feel like you are falling behind.


For the days when you think you aren’t making progress.

You are not alone.

We just experienced one of those days where we were completely out of underwear for my son except for the pair he was wearing. It was a day of desperate measures to get things where they were supposed to go.


undies n flops


Ice cream moves in ways less desirable with Texas heat wrapping in close.

ice cream sandwich


The other day you could have found me at my wits-end handling dripping ice cream; squashing it between two chocolate chip cookies. Determined little nosedive, bleeding M&M’s were hopelessly smashed into the sides of my chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Meanwhile the boy, who was stripped (due to being squirted with a super-soaker earlier) was running around naked in the hot garage. To my consolation, he was drying off.

It was a sight.

Sometimes we just can’t keep up with dripping things when they’re not supposed to.

This leaves me terrified to have another baby. Me and myself are going to have to have a pep talk real soon about how to live letting go…

 But the next day we had undies in abundance and a mouth-watering snack in the freezer. It was worth it. 




A LINK TO SOME must see TED Talks if you haven’t yet. I found them all very fascinating. I will say that Elizabeth Gilbert’s is a bit modern for me but it’s worth a listen if you’re at all the creative or writer sort.

A good read on POTTY TRAINING. All you mothers of littles will appreciate this post from my cousin’s wife, Courtney Zimmerman! For sure you’ll fall in love with her pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

I identify SO MUCH with this. When Jason and I were dating and in early marriage we (maybe mostly me) had such admirable dreams of going overseas, missions, or serving to which none happened as lofty as I imagined. Or did it?

THESE ARE THE INSPIRATION for my ice cream and M&M cravings…

HAVE YOU seen THIS VIDEO? Jen Hatmaker is super sarcastic if you don’t know her, just saying. Self proclaimed as the dramatic hype-verbally type. If you’ve heard about woman wearing yoga pants in the news… Then check this out.


Happy weekending, y’all!





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