Don’t Put Your House Down

I’M BRUSHING THE DUST off this post by touching it up a bit and re-sharing it with you. I wrote it 2014 when I was doing the 31 Day Challenge with the Nester.

Feeling like our homes are never fashionable enough as you may picture it should be, you might connect with this post. When I’m in other peoples homes it reminds me that it’s not the pretty stuff that matters. It’s me.




A couple of years ago I went through an overhaul. I started selling like mad most of my decor on a Facebook yard-sale community. Suddenly my country styled house was an empty shell. Everything was gone. Country was completely erased from my home (with the exception of a few odd leftovers) and I was scrambling trying to figure out what to adorn the walls and floors with now.

What style am I?

I was miserable and it became my conversation everywhere. All I knew was that I wasn’t country anymore. I was done with that. My husband’s silent prayers were answered. Now, my ragtag collection of things remaining were trying as hard as they might to present themselves as stylish.


Two years later, can’t say that I arrived but I have managed to make some decisions. Our kitchen door got painted white and the wall Mystic Sea. My dream is to paint the cabinets a white-ish color someday. The living room red wall got a makeover with black and white frames and photos. I’m happy with it.

I can’t help but wonder,

What if I never arrive with my decorating desires?

This just might be the case. I may never arrive and have that house with all the right colors and pretty modern stuff. Compared to others I may always feel less then par.


Our homes are like an extension of ourselves and when people step into them it’s like they are stepping into a part of us. Houses kinda describe more of a persons character. Our homes are intimate dwellings where love and laughter take place. Where we can be goofy or grumpy, crazy or creative and the walls take it all in and hold us together. They surround us however they look and tuck in at night, protecting us. Our walls love us no matter how they look. If only we could love ourselves back.

I know when I’m at somebody else’s home, the more comfortable and calm the hostess is, the more relaxed I am. I’m thinking already of a few people that I know that are especially hospitable. When they tell me to sit down at the table, ask about my day or tell me about theres I feel like I belong here. I like how they don’t seem rushed or too busy for me.

I want to be ok with people coming in no matter how my house looks. I want my soul to be at rest, not in a tizzy. (I know I’ve gotten better since I was first married.) I actually annoy myself now when I apologize for my empty walls or ugly blue counter tops. By doing that I’m drawling attention to my horrors whereas otherwise people would probably never even notice! It’s just my insecurities talking…

So, yes, I want to be ok with my house -> the way it is. I want you to know you can come anytime. Plain Jane or posh pretty. Clean or messy. May you feel welcomed and that I’m glad you are here. I especially want you to feel comfy enough to kick off your shoes and stick around for coffee and cake!

Will I stop rearranging and painting? Hopefully not. Will I quit throwing out excuses for why I have an area rug that is too small or blushing over that cluttered corner? I’ll try not too. I want to bite my tongue when I start to apologize for what I call ugly or messy.

This summer when family and friends come over, don’t let your imperfect house stop you from opening the door! Be intentional with how you make others feel when they arrive and don’t let your house do the talking by voicing words for it.

Intentional 31 days

This post was first featured in a series I did in Oct 2014 on Intentional Friendship. Click here to read more posts from that series. 

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